Sagitta Stellaris Spotlight (Combat)

You suffuse yourself or allies with the excess cosmic power from your trails, glowing with the brightness of the stars.

Prerequisite(s): Sagitta Stellaris Style, Sagitta Stellaris Shift, Knowledge (Geography) 13 ranks.

Benefit(s): You have a 15-foot aura that you can enable or disable as a free action once per turn each, and its area always counts as part of your active trail. Whenever you enable this aura, you can make it originate from an ally you can see, instead of yourself. As usual, moving this aura onto a stationary creature does not count as them entering the trail, but the aura bearer can be considered to enter the trail upon any movement at all.

The aura fills its radius with bright light. You can exempt yourself and your allies from any effects of this aura if you choose. The aura effect changes automatically with your active trail – when you have no active trail, the aura has no effect and creates no light, but is still present.

At 15th and 19th initiator levels, the aura radius increases by 5-foot.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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