Sagitta Stellaris Shift (Combat)

With a single wave, you can shift the nature of your trails, or make them flicker briefly into overlapping planes.

Prerequisite(s): Sagitta Stellaris Style, Knowledge (Geography) 7 ranks.

Benefit(s): As an immediate action when you have a trail active, you may expend one of your readied [Trail] strikes to instantly change the effect of an active trail to that of the expended strike, as if the trail were made by that strike. Creatures in the shifted trail are subject to the new effect as if they had entered the trail, unless they had not moved since the original trail was formed. If the shifted trail has a saving throw, its DC is set to 12 + half your highest initiator level + your initiation modifier if it would otherwise be lower. This change is applied before other effects that would increase the DC , such as Discipline Focus.

Additionally, when a creature teleports past your trails (determined if a straight line between the start and end points of their teleportation passes through a space affected by your trail), you may choose to affect them as if they entered that trail. This does not interrupt their teleportation in any way; applicable effects occur after they arrive at their destination.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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