Mutable Composition

Prerequisite(s): Kineticist 7, must possess a kinetic blast that deals half its damage as one type and half as another.

Benefit(s): When using a kinetic blast which normally deals half its damage as one damage type and half its damage as another (such as magma blast, but not sandstorm blast), you can instead split its damage between those two types however you see fit, so long as it deals at least 1 damage of each type per damage die of the blast.

Example: If a 7th-level kineticist with this feat would deal a total of 50 damage with a magma blast, they could have it deal 8 bludgeoning damage and 42 fire damage, 42 bludgeoning damage and 8 fire damage, or any amount in-between that would sum up to 50 damage. A kineticist without this feat could instead only deal 25 bludgeoning damage and 25 fire damage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Kineticist Compendium © 2019, Legendary Games; Lead Developer Onyx Tanuki.

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