Morphic Nature

Each time you traverse an interplanetary gate, you automatically adapt and acclimate to a new world.

Prerequisite(s): Player character (or heroic NPC, at GM’s discretion)

Benefit(s): When passing through an interplanetary gate, you experience an instantaneous and permanent physical transformation to facilitate survival on a new world. This includes environmental compatibility with the local atmosphere (as determined by the planetary atmosphere at the time of the gate’s crafting, but not the ability to survive in a hard vacuum). You also acclimate to local diseases, such that you still prove susceptible to disease, but retain no special vulnerability to alien pathogens on other worlds. You also learn the rudiments of the local Common language, speaking, reading, and writing a passable dialect (though this may not become evident until interacting with a given world’s native inhabitants). When you pass through a gate to another planet, these benefits are lost or exchanged for acclimation to the new world.

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