Metamagic Invocation

Prerequisite(s): Metakinesis class feature.

Benefit(s): Choose a metamagic feat from the following list: Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Intuitive Spell, Logical Spell, Quicken Spell, Reach Spell, or Tenacious Spell.

When casting a spell via Kinetic Invocation, advanced kinesis, shadowbend, improved shadowbend, or greater shadowbend, you can increase its burn cost to augment the spell with the chosen metamagic feat.

The burn cost increase is equal to the spell level increase applied by the metamagic feat. Augmenting a spell increases its casting time as if it were cast spontaneously.

Special: You can take this feat more than once. Each time you take this feat, select another metamagic feat; you can augment a spell with multiple feats by accepting additional points of burn equal to the total increased spell level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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