Irradiating Power [Metapsionic]

Your psionic abilities taint targets with radiation.

Benefit(s): To use this ability, you must expend psionic focus. Any creature affected by an irradiating power must succeed on a Fortitude save or contract radiation of a certain level. The Fortitude save and level of radiation are based on the amount of power points spent on the power (including power points spent to use this metapsionic feat). Manifesting a power in this way requires an expenditure of 4 additional power points, and the total expenditure cannot exceed your manifester level.

Table: Radiation Effects
Power Points Radiation Level Fort Save DC Primary Effect Secondary Effect
0-7 Low 13 1 Con drain 1 Str damage/day
8-13 Medium 17 1d4 Con drain 1d4 Str damage/day
14-19 High 22 2d4 Con drain 1d6 Str damage/day
20+ Severe 30 4d6 Con drain 2d6 Str damage/day
Section 15: Copyright Notice

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