Incredible Hidden Power

Prerequisite(s): Kineticist 1.

Benefit(s): You gain both the dual identity and seamless guise class features of the vigilante class as well as the transformation sequence ability of the magical child vigilante archetype. At 7th level, you gain the quick change social talent; at 13th level, you also gain the immediate change social talent.

While in your social identity, you suffer a -4 penalty to your Strength modifier for the purpose of Strength checks and combat maneuver bonus, but gain a +2 bonus to Escape Artist and Stealth checks.

If you possess the elemental overflow class feature, you are always considered to be suppressing your overflow while in your social identity; the visual effects and benefits of your overflow do not automatically return when you use utility wild talents, although you may not accept burn while in your social identity.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Kineticist Compendium © 2019, Legendary Games; Lead Developer Onyx Tanuki.

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