Heavy Rain (Combat)

You have practiced chaining your strikes into flurries of arrows so often that you’ve broken the limits for simpler maneuvers.

Prerequisite(s): Initiator level 8th, at least two maneuvers known with the [Rain] descriptor.

Benefit(s): When you initiate a 1st level strike with the [Rain] descriptor as a full-round action, you can follow it with all your additional attacks from a full attack, including extra attacks from high base attack bonus, and ignoring the normal limits on additional attacks you may make. Effectively, you make a normal ranged full attack with the first attack being replaced by the strike (The Manyshot feat can still apply to this attack as normal).

In addition, you gain the benefits of the Extra Readied Maneuver feat, but you can only use this additional slot to ready a 1st level [Rain] strike.

At 14th initiator level, these benefits can also apply to 2ndlevel [Rain] strikes.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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