Godhood From The Bottom of a Bottle

Prerequisite(s): Burn class feature, must be a living creature.

Benefit(s): You are assumed to have recently imbibed just under a number of alcoholic drinks equal to 1 plus twice your Constitution modifier. If you are ever completely & utterly cut off from this amount of alcohol for 24 hours – such as by being imprisoned, trapped, too broke or too helpless to purchase a drink – you are permanently exhausted until you begin drinking earnestly once more. You retain this penalty until you imbibe a sufficient amount of alcohol again or until you retrain this feat upon leveling.

You can take standard action which provokes attacks of opportunity to drink a tankard of ale, one full beer, an entire glass of wine or one shot of strong alcohol; doing this Drinking in this way requires a minimum of one standard action and always provokes attacks of opportunity; if you consume alcohol in this way, you are treated as if you had used the gather power class feature as a full-round action the previous turn. This is treated as using the gather power class ability for purposes of the Heir to Power Unstable feat. If you have the internal buffer class feature, you can instead add a temporary point to that pool upon drinking in this way; you can hold a maximum number of these temporary Burn offset-points in your pool at any one time equal to one half your character level, rounded down (minimum 1). Temporary points of burn added to your internal buffer in this way last for 1 hour or until spent, whichever comes first. You must choose which of these two abilities to use whenever you consume alcohol in conjunction with this feat.

Immediately after consuming a drink in this way, you become sickened, and for each alcoholic drink you’ve consumed beyond the first this hour, you take an additional -2 penalty to anything to which the penalty for being sickened applies. As long as you have at least one temporary burn point in your internal buffer, however, you ignore the penalties from the sickened condition and this feat to attack and damage rolls for your kinetic blast. If you accept or prevent yourself from sustaining burn, you ignore all penalties from both the sickened condition and this feat. Additionally, if you are nauseated, you can perform a kinetic blast as a move action. If you also have Drunken Brawler, you must choose whether to gain the benefits and penalties of this feat or the benefits and penalties of that ability each time you consume alcohol; you may gain all of the benefits and penalties of each ability, of course, by drinking sufficient quantities of alcohol.

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