Futuristic Armory [Psionic]

The weapons you call to your side are not simply ornaments of metal and wood.

Prerequisite(s): Manifester level 3rd, Technologist, ability to manifest call weaponry

Benefit(s): When you manifest call weaponry, you can use the following augment.

Augment: For every 2 additional power points you spend, you may call a technological weapon that is worth +1 more enhancement bonus reduction from the Emulate Technological Melee Weapon or Emulate Technological Ranged weapon soulknife blade skills.

For example, you may spend 4 additional power points to call an arc rifle (worth +2), 2 additional power points to call a chainsaw (worth +1), or 16 additional power points to call a vortex gun (worth +8). The item that you call comes equipped with half its maximum number of charges and 3d6 uses of whatever type of ammunition it uses.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Arcforge: Technology Expanded © 2018, Legendary Games; Authors: Matt Daley, Michael Sayre.

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