Flumefire Rage

Prerequisite(s): Cha 15; bloodrage class feature, elemental focus class feature, or Mage’s Tattoo (evocation).

Benefit(s): When casting an evocation spell or using a kinetic blast that deals fire damage, you can deal +1 point of fire damage per die. If you do, you must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 15 + the spell or blast’s level) or become fatigued. You cannot use this feat while fatigued or if you cannot become fatigued.

If you are raging (such as when using bloodrage or affected by the rage spell), this damage increases to +2 points per die and you roll twice when attempting the Fortitude save and take the better result. This feat does not otherwise grant you the ability to cast spells or use spell-like abilities while raging.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Kineticist Compendium © 2019, Legendary Games; Lead Developer Onyx Tanuki.

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