Fists of the Northern Stars (Combat)

You have taken a much more hands-on approach to astronomy.

Prerequisite(s): Two Fool’s Errand maneuvers known, two Sagitta Stellaris maneuvers known.

Benefit(s): While you maintain a Sagitta Stellaris or a Fool’s Errand stance, you gain the following benefits:

  • You gain a new type of unarmed strike, the Comet Punch, which fires bursts of energy from your fists or anything else you can make an unarmed strike with. This is considered both an unarmed strike and a ranged weapon that creates its own supernatural ammunition, and deals damage as if you hit with an unarmed strike, with range increment of 20 ft.. It benefits normally from all features that improve your unarmed strikes, and can be used with the bonus unarmed strikes granted by Fool’s Errand maneuvers, but cannot be used with two-weapon fighting. Using a Comet Punch provokes attacks of opportunity as normal for ranged attacks, unless you are in a Fool’s Errand stance. If you are in a Sagitta Stellaris stance, the range increment increases to 100 ft.. Comet Punch is an associated discipline weapon for Sagitta Stellaris.
  • During your turn, you may consider yourself to be in every space of your active trails for the purposes of making and maintaining locks, and dragging locked creatures. You can spend movement as normal, but without actually moving yourself, to drag a locked creature half the distance in any direction as long as they remain adjacent to or within a space of one of your active trails. If at the end of your turn you are locking a creature out of your melee reach and have no other ability that lets you maintain a lock this way, the lock ends.

You cannot use this ability to drag a creature without a fly speed off the ground.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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