Anarchic Mutation

Though entropists are known to have a chaotic source of power, only a few are born with the mindset to truly embrace the nature of their abilities.

Restrictions: Must have the entropist archetype, chaotic alignment

Benefit: At 7th level, rather than selecting a favored element, an entropist with this mutation selects a second planar array which does not include elements of the array they already possess, assigning its elements to the numbers 5-8. When they roll for their shuffling element, they instead roll 2d8 to determine two shuffling focus elements, gaining the benefits as if they possessed the elements they rolled for as a primary and an expanded element (choosing which is considered primary if they are different). At 15th they select a third planar array which cannot share elements with either array they already possess, assigning its elements to the numbers 9-12, and they roll 3d12 to determine three shuffling focus elements, gaining the benefits as if one was their primary element and the other two were expanded elements (if at least two shuffling elements are the same element, it is considered their primary element; otherwise they choose which is considered primary). In addition, an entropist with this mutation learns one additional wild talent per level beginning at 7th level, and two additional wild talents per level beginning at 15th level.

Drawback: An entropist with this mutation does not gain the favored focus class feature, and cannot select the Narrow Array or Wide Array feats. They can prepare one less wild talent per wild talent level per day. Aside from the shuffling focus element they choose as their primary element, all non-universal wild talents must be prepared as if they were 2 spell levels higher than their actual level, but are otherwise treated as being their actual level. Their array blast is only considered to be of their shuffling focus elements, is only associated with those elements’ infusions, and they select three damage types for it to deal rather than four, which must be among those that can be dealt by simple blasts of their shuffling focus elements.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Ultimate Kineticist Compendium © 2019, Legendary Games; Lead Developer Onyx Tanuki.

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