Amateur Occultist (Core Occultist)

Though you are not a complete occultist, you have developed the ability to use one object important to you as an implement.

Prerequisite(s): 1 rank in Use Magic Device, no levels in a class with the mental focus class feature.

Benefit(s): You gain a pool of mental focus equal to your Intelligence modifier. Choose an item that has a special significance to you and one school of magic. You can use that item as an occultist’s implement, expending mental focus to activate a focus power from the selected school, even if it’s a school not normally associated with that type of item. You can select only one focus power of your chosen school, and it only works with your special implement. You don’t qualify for any feat that affects mental focus or implements. Your pool of mental focus refreshes each day, typically after you get a restful night’s sleep.

Special: This feat counts as having the mental focus class feature for the purpose of other feats’ prerequisites. If you gain levels in a class that has the mental focus class feature, you can immediately trade this feat for the Extra Mental Focus feat.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Occultists © 2022, Legendary Games; Authors Margherita Tramontano and Aaron Hollingsworth.

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