Accelerating Kinetics

Prerequisite(s): Burn class feature.

Benefit(s): Whenever you either accept burn for a wild talent, spend a point from your internal buffer, or prevent yourself from taking burn with gather power, choose one form of movement you possess, and you gain a +5-foot enhancement bonus to that method of movement. This bonus lasts for 1 round per 2 character levels (minimum 1); this duration begins as soon as you take any action to move further than 5 feet. For each point of burn that you accept or prevent yourself from taking beyond the first, increase this enhancement bonus by +5 feet; the bonus cannot be more than half your speed in that method of movement. This is partially a conjuration (teleportation) effect; thus, anything that blocks astral travel halves this movement bonus.

Special: You can select this feat in place of a utility wild talent (treating it as a 1st-level universal wild talent) if you would gain one. If you possess this feat, you can select the following feats in place of a utility wild talent (treating them as 1st-level universal wild talents with all of their normal prerequisites) or through the elemental annihilator or indomitable’s bonus feats class feature: Acrobatic Steps, Agile Maneuvers, Fleet, Lightning Stance, Nimble Moves, or Wind Stance.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

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