Soul Mate (Teamwork)

You and your loved one share a special bond.

Benefit: You and your chosen soul mate must both take this feat to benefit from it. You develop a sixth sense that warns you whenever your soul mate is in danger as well as a +5 insight bonus to all skill checks targeting your soul mate. Finally, any supernatural effect that compels you to directly harm your soul mate is immediately dispelled.

Special: If your soul mate is killed, you may select a new feat to replace soul mate after 1 month of grieving or you may retain the feat in the hope they are brought back to life.

Example: Your soul mate is abducted at the market while you are at home. You sense the danger and go searching for him or her. You gain a +5 insight bonus to Diplomacy checks to gather relevant information and a +5 bonus to Heal checks when you find your soul mate beaten in an alley after you chase off the abductors.

Section 15: Copyright Notice – Advanced Feats: The Witch’s Brew

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