Stick the Landing

You are a natural at ‘portalling’ on top of your foes.

Prerequisite(s): create portal class feature.

Benefit(s): You are treated as one size smaller for the purpose of determining the DC of Acrobatics checks to exit a portal and successfully land on an opponent (or whether you can land on a particular foe at all). In addition, whenever you exit a portal, land atop a foe and successfully attack, you get to roll your weapon damage twice, taking the higher result (precision damage such as sneak attack or die rolls for energy weapons are only rolled once — only the portalist’s weapon damage is rolled twice).

Normal: Your ability to land atop foes is limited by the difference between your size and your opponent — refer to the new skill use “Porting On the Big Guy” in the sidebar for a complete description.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

The Lost Lands World Setting: Pathfinder Rules Addendum, ©2020, Frog God Games.

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