Spell Pull

You can feel the spells of your rider and have access to certain ones.

Prerequisite(s): Int 13

Benefit(s): A non-awakened mount can pull any of the following spells from its master’s list of spells useable for the day and cast the spell on itself. The spells pulled are marked as used from the rider’s daily total of spells.

Air bubble*, alter winds†, ant haul†, barkskin, bear’s endurance, blur, bullet shield*, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, cloak of shade†, cure light wounds, cure moderate wounds, endure elements, entropic shield, feather fall, glide†, grace†, groundswell**, haste, instant armor†, invisibility, lesser restoration, mage armor, miserable pity^, obscuring mist, owl’s wisdom, protection from arrows, protection from <alignment>, rally point†, remove paralysis, resist energy, sanctuary, shield of faith, silence, tactical acumen*, veil of positive energy†.

GMs may substitute other spells in this list as they see fit. It is a list of mostly non-combative spells that might enhance the mounts abilities, defense, or movements. Tailor any other allowed spells to follow that basic idea.

An awakened mount may cast any spell its rider knows up to 2nd level that does not require material components (or any spell if the rider has the Eschew Materials feat, unless the spell requires a component worth more than 1 gp) in addition to the spells listed above.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Lost Lore: Horses of the Wild – Copyright 2014 Frog God Games; Author Rob Manning

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