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Contract Master

You are skilled at negotiating with outsiders for their services.

Prerequisites: Ability to cast lesser planar ally, lesser planar binding, or a greater version of these spells.

Benefits: Whenever you negotiate payment with an outsider to secure its services through a planar ally, planar binding, or similar spell, the cost of the payment is halved.

In addition, you receive a +4 bonus on any checks associated with such bargains or to attempts to compel service (such as with planar binding). This bonus also applies when testing the trap of a planar binding against the outsider’s spell resistance.

Finally, whenever you use a spell to gain or compel service from an outsider, you can attempt a Diplomacy check opposed by the outsider’s Sense Motive.

If you succeed in this check, the contract you form with the outsider is worded in such a way to prevent the outsider from taking intentional actions that are harmful to you and your cause (subject to the GMs interpretation.)

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Way of the Wicked Book Five — The Devil My Only Master. Copyright 2012, Fire Mountain Games LLC; Author: Gary McBride.