Greater Minor Binding

You gain more power from your spirit.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (arcana) or Knowledge (planes) 6 ranks, Improved Minor Binding.

Benefit: When using the Improved Minor Binding feat, if you forge a good pact with the spirit you can select and gain two minor granted abilities of your choice. If you forge a poor pact, you can select a single minor ability in addition to having the spirit’s influence and sign forced upon you.

Special: If you gain the bind spirits class feature, exchange this feat for Spirit Focus or Extra Constellation Aspect (your choice).

Normal: When using Improved Minor Binding you gain one minor granted ability on a successful binding check and gain no minor abilities on a failed binding check.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1. Copyright, 2012, Radiance House. Author(s): Alexander Augunas, Dario Nardi

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