Decipher Cipher

Prerequisite(s) Words of Foundation class feature, Linguistics 1 rank

Benefit(s): You may attempt a Linguistics check to create a cipher that has a DC equal to the result rolled (or a lower number if you desire). When creating this cipher, you gain +1 to the Linguistics check for every language you know. This takes one hour.

You can attempt a Linguistics check to decipher a single page of text as a full-round action instead of taking 1 minute as normal. In addition, when you attempt a Use Magic Device check to cast a spell from a scroll, you are treated as though you have the minimum score in the appropriate ability score to cast that spell. Finally, you may choose to add your Intelligence modifier to your Use Magic Device skill checks instead of your Charisma modifier.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Speaker: A Pathfinder 1e class designed for use in the Lost Lands, © 2021, Michael Mars, Author Michael Mars Russell

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