Prerequisite(s) Words of Foundation class feature, Perform (oratory) 1 rank Cypherspeakers have studied how the higher powers hid the truth of the Words beneath layers of obfuscation and seek to emulate this for their own needs.

Benefit(s): You can conceal the activity of speaking a Word by masking it in your speech. As a swift action, you may combine your speaking of a Word with a Perform (oratory) check. Observers must make a Perception or Sense Motive check opposed by your Perform (oratory) check to realize you are also speaking a Word.

Special: This feat counts as Cypher Magic for the purposes of qualifying for the prestige class Cyphermage. You may also ignore the requirement for arcane casting and treat the increases to arcane caster level granted by Cyphermage as increases to Speaker level for Identifying Words and Words of Foundation.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Speaker: A Pathfinder 1e class designed for use in the Lost Lands, © 2021, Michael Mars, Author Michael Mars Russell

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