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Spell Feint

You foil an opponent’s attempts to counterspell your magic by surprising them with an unexpected spell.

Prerequisites: Spell Bluff.

Benefit: You gain a +4 bonus on Sense Motive checks to determine if an opponent is has readied an action to attempt to counterspell your spells. If you determine that your opponent has readied an action to attempt to counterspell your spells, you can attempt a Bluff check opposed by the opponent’s Sense Motive as a standard action to fool them into wasting their counterspell. If your check succeeds, your opponent wastes his readied action, expending one 1st-level spell slot in the process. For every 5 by which your Bluff exceeds your opponent’s Sense Motive, increase the level of the wasted spell slot by 1, up to the maximum level of spell that your target can cast.

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