Shifting Feats

Shifting feats are a type of feat is most dominantly found among Shapeshifters, though it isn’t unheard of for them to crop up randomly. A creature with the Shapechanger Subtype may add Shifting feats to any list of bonus feats offered by their class (such as Fighter bonus feats, Bloodline feats, or Ranger Combat Styles), however they must still meet the prerequisites of the Shifting Feat.

When you first take a Shifting feat, you gain the ability to shift. When you shift, you gain the benefit of any number of Shifting feats you possess, chosen at the time of shifting. The duration of the shift is based upon the shifts you take, using the lowest duration from among your chosen options. When you take your first Shifting feat, you gain a number of shifts each day equal to half your character level + your Con modifier (minimum 1).

Shifting is a swift action. When you activate a shift, you choose which duration for the feat you will use. When a shift ends, you may spend another shift as a free action to continue the shift. Additionally, whenever you are subject to a polymorph or other shapechanging effect, you may choose to spend a shift as a free action to shift in addition to the effect. You may spend a move action to end your current shift. If a shifting feat would grant you a natural attack or other ability that you already possess (such as flight or a swim speed) these effects do not stack, instead you use the better of the two effects.

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