Ink Reaver

You are no longer limited to consuming the magical force stored in your personal tattoos – you can now forcibly consume the tattoos of other people.

Prerequisite(s): Subsume Tattoo

Benefit(s): As a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity, you can consume the tattoo of a willing, pinned, or otherwise helpless individual. Consuming a tattoo deals damage equal to 2 times the caster level of the tattoo though a successful Fortitude save equal to 10 + the tattoo’s caster level reduces this to half. Any tattoo consumed in this way is destroyed.

Consuming a tattoo in this manner leaves you flush with magical power, granting you a +2 enhancement bonus to any one ability score for 10 minutes per caster level of the consumed tattoo. Only one instance of this bonus can be active at any time, and any new tattoos consumed during this time period will cause the previous bonus to expire.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Affordable Arcana: Magic Tattoos © 2017, Publishing; Author: Andrew Ready

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