Kami Technique (Combat, Technique)

You sense the world around you, finding new methods of offense and defense.

Prerequisite: Catch Off-Guard or Throw Anything, Perception 4 ranks, base attack bonus +3

Benefit: When using an improvised weapon, you can deal bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage with any given improvised weapon. You also count any improvised weapon you wield as being magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

While using Kami Technique, when an opponent targets you with a melee or ranged attack, you can spend an immediate action to make a Perception check. You can use the result as your AC or touch AC against that attack. You must be aware of the attack and not flat- footed.

Special: Taking this feat allows you to treat improvised weapons as a weapon type you are proficient with for learning feats that apply to specific weapons, such as Weapon Focus (improvised weapons) or Improved Critical (improvised weapons).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of Iron, © 2015, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore

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