Larvite Lifer

You become Medium-sized, and give up your chance for metamorphosis.

Prerequisite: Entobian, Larvite, Character level 6.

Benefit: You grow to Medium size. Increase the damage dice for natural attacks using mid-legs to 1d6. This change in size and damage is permanent.

Special: Much like metamorphosis, the larvite prepares by eating a huge feast of rare herbs followed by meditation. Eight hours later, you shed your exoskeleton and expand to Medium size. Determine your new height and weight using the “larvite lifer” entry in the Entobian Random Weight and Height table. You do not need to take the Prepare for Metamorphosis feat in order to take this feat. After taking this feat, you no longer qualify as a larvite for the purposes of feat prerequisites.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Remarkable Races: Compendium of Unusual PC Races, Pathway to Adventure Edition. Copyright 2009, Alluria Publishing; Author: J. Matthew Kubisz

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