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Feat Descriptions

Feats are summarized on the table below. Note that the prerequisites and benefits of the feats on this table are abbreviated for ease of reference. See the feats description for full details.

The following format is used for all feat descriptions.

Feat Name: The feat’s name also indicates what subcategory, if any, the feat belongs to, and is followed by a basic description of what the feat does.

Prerequisite: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, or anything else required in order to take the feat. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.

Benefit: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description.

Normal: What a character who does not have this feat is limited to or restricted from doing. If not having the feat causes no particular drawback, this entry is absent.

Special: Additional unusual facts about the feat.

Feat Sources

Feat Prerequisites Benefits Type1 Type2 Type3 Source
Combat Feats Prerequisites Benefits Type1 Type2 Type3 Source
From the Hip Quick Draw, BAB +4, Dexterity 15 During a surprise round you may make a single attack with a pistol at a -4 penalty to hit Combat ToS
Quick Load Weapon Proficiency (firearm type chosen) The time required for you to reload the chosen firearm is reduced to a move action Combat ToS
Epic Feats Prerequisites Benefits Type1 Type2 Type3 Source
Epic Combat Style Additional Combat Style, ranger level 21 You gain the benefits of a third combat style. Epic

General Feats Prerequisites Benefits Type1 Type2 Type3 Source
Additional Combat Style Ranger level 11 You gain the benefits of an additional combat style General

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