Intensify Spell (Metamagic)

Reduce a spell’s range to increase its effect.

Benefit: When casting an intensified spell, reduce the range increment by one or more steps (as indicated below). For every increment you reduce the range, your effective caster level for this spell increases by 1. This stacks with other modifiers that affect caster level. The range increments are: long; medium; short; touch; personal. If the spell has an invariable range other than touch or personal (that is, a range expressed in feet), it counts as the lower of the two range increments it falls between.

For example, a cleric applies Intensified Casting to a bless spell. Bless has a range of 50 feet, which falls between close range (25 feet + 5 feet/level) and medium range (100 feet + 10 feet/level). For the purposes of determining its range increment, it is considered a close range. This does not actually affect its range, however the cleric could reduce it to a range of touch and cast it with +1 effective caster level. An intensified spell uses up a spell slot two levels higher than the spell’s actual level.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Strategists and Tacticians. Copyright 2010, 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming; Author Ryan Costello, Jr.

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