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Feat List

Table 1–2: General Feats
Feats Prerequisites Benefits
Channel Deific Essence General Alignment Channel, channel energy 5d6, domain class feature, same alignment as patron deity associated with your deity Expend a use of channel energy to gain a boon
Grasping Tail General Must have a tail Use your tail to grab small stowed objects as a swift action
Lashing Tail Combat Grasping Tail, must have a tail Gain a tail slap natural attack
Mischievous Tail General Dex 15, Grasping Tail, must have a tail Your tail functions as a free hand and gains a +2 bonus on disarm and steal combat maneuvers and on Sleight of Hand checks
Gravitational Vital Strike Combat Vital Strike; Heavy Gravity Acclimation* or Light Deal additional damage in heavy or light gravity
Gravity Acclimation* General Heavy Gravity Acclimation Str 17 or Endurance Ignore penalties for being on heavy gravity planes and increase carrying capacity
Improved Plane Shift General Wizard level 9th Learn plane shift as a 5th-level spell and identify planes more easily Light Gravity Acclimation Dex 13, Acrobatics 3 ranks You are faster and harder to hit on light gravity planes, and you gain +2 on Acrobatics checks
Open Conduit General Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks or outsider with native subtype You can use a conduit feat more often
Planar Heritage General Human Gain access to options available to a type of native outsider
Planar Survivor General Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, Survival 3 ranks Gain +2 on Survival checks on other planes and +2 on saves against planar hazards
Planewalker’s Insight General Gain +2 on Knowledge (planes) checks and on Sense Motive checks against outsiders; Knowledge (planes) is a class skill for you
Subjective Mobility General Wis 13 Move via falling more easily on planes with subjective directional gravity
Subjective Slam Combat Con 13, Wis 13, Subjective Mobility, base attack bonus +4 or monk level 3rd Take half falling damage and you can intentionally fall against targets to damage them while on planes with subjective directional gravity
Greater Subjective Slam Combat Con 15, Wis 15, Subjective Mobility, Subjective Slam, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th Lessen check penalty and increase maximum damage when using Subjective Slam
Tempting Bargain General Unchained summoner level 1st, eidolon You can select an eidolon of any alignment, but it tempts class feature you to change alignment over time
Table: Conduit Feats
Feats Prerequisites Benefits  
Axiomatic Discourse General Diplomacy 3 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Your Diplomacy checks have a lower chance of backfiring
Blazing Aura Combat Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Shroud yourself in fire that damages those who attack you
Chaos Reigns Combat Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Gain slam attack
Death Field General Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks Exude negative energy that hinders entangling plants and swarms
Gloomstorm† Combat Knowledge (planes) 4 ranks, shadow weapon Create new shadow weapons as a free action class feature
Flickering Step General Knowledge (planes) 9 ranks Use dimension door as a spell-like ability 
Healer’s Hands General Heal 1 rank, Knowledge (planes) 1 rank Treat deadly wounds with the Heal skill more efficiently and more often
Heaven’s Light General Knowledge (planes) 1 rank Shed illuminating halo of light
Hollow Soul General Knowledge (planes) 9 ranks Function as undead for certain spell effects (including healing spells)
Last Rites General Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, Knowledge Damage haunts or undead that are vulnerable to (religion) 3 ranks resurrection with a touch attack
Malleable Form General Knowledge (planes) 7 ranks Gain compression ability and become harder to grapple or trip
Peace of Mind General Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Ignore emotion, fear, or pain effect but be dazed instead
Phasestrike Combat Knowledge (planes) 10 ranks Make a weapon attack as a touch attack
Planar Infusion General Must spend time on another plane Gain infusion from a plane
Improved Planar Infusion General Planar Infusion, character level 7th Gain an improved infusion from a plane
Greater Planar Infusion General Improved Planar Infusion, Planar Infusion, character level 13th Gain a greater infusion from a plane
Primal Bloom General Knowledge (planes) 10 ranks Cause an area to gain wild magic trait
Shadow’s Shroud General Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks Shroud yourself in shadows to gain opportunity to attempt Stealth checks
Stony Rampart Combat Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Cause a low stone wall to spring up from the ground
Tidal Swiftness General Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks Increase your speed with a tide of water
Tyrant’s Rebuke General Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks Stagger a creature you touch
Wanderer’s Fortune General Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Gain freedom of movement to escape a grapple or magical restraint
Wind Leaper General Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks Use wind to bolster your jumps and reduce your weight
Table: Metamagic Feats
Feats Prerequisites Benefits
Apocalyptic Spell Metamagic Area affected by spell becomes difficult to move in
Authoritative Spell Metamagic Spell forbids target from taking certain actions
Blissful Spell Metamagic Target of spell takes combat penalties or gains bonuses on skills and saves
Crypt Spell Metamagic Damaging spell hinders resurrection or sickens undead
Stygian Spell Metamagic Water spell causes memory loss to target
Tumultuous Spell Metamagic Spell causes a target to move in a random direction
Table: Style Feats
Feats Prerequisites Benefits  
Archon Style Combat, Style Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 1st Grant bonus to AC to allies against a single opponent’s attacks
Archon Diversion Combat, Style Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +4 or monk level 3rd Redirect an attack from an opponent to yourself to grant an ally an attack of opportunity
Archon Justice Combat, Style Archon Diversion, Archon Style, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th Redirect an attack from an opponent to yourself to grant several allies attacks of opportunity
Azata Style Combat, Style Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +2 Gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC if you move at least 15 feet
Azata Mischief Combat, Style Agile Maneuvers, Azata Style, Dodge, Mobilitybase attack bonus +6 You can trip those whose attacks of opportunity against  you miss 
Azata Sprint†    Agile Maneuvers, Azata Mischief, Azata Style, Dodge, Mobility, Wind Stance, base attack bonus +10 Your base speed increases by 10 feet and you ignore the  first 10 feet of difficult terrain in a round
Demonic Style Combat, Style Power Attack, base attack bonus +1 Gain +1 on attacks and +2 on damage rolls on the attack at the end of a charge
Demonic Momentum Combat, Style Demonic Style, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, base attack bonus +5 Gain damage bonus based on how far you charge when you bull rush
Demonic Slaughter Combat, Style Cleave, Demonic Momentum, Demonic Style, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, base attack bonus +9 Use Great Cleave as part of a charge
Diabolic Style Combat, Style Combat Reflexes, Improved Unarmed Strike or Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +2 or monk level 1st Humiliate targets that provoke attacks of opportunity
Diabolic Humiliation Combat, Style Combat Reflexes, Diabolic Style, Vital Strike, Improved Unarmed Strike or Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +8 or monk level 7th Gain enhanced effects when you use Diabolic Style to humiliate a target
Diabolic Judgment Combat, Style Combat Reflexes, Diabolic Humiliation, Diabolic Style, Improved Vital Strike, Vital Strike, Improved Unarmed Strike or Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +12 or monk level 11th Apply Vital Strike on attacks of opportunity

† This is a combat feat, and it can be selected as a brawler, fighter, gunslinger, swashbuckler, or warpriest bonus feat.