SpellTweets by Owen K.C. Stephens

@Owen_Stephens of occasionally tweets neat variant spells and hexes for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Owen has generously compiled his spelltweet and hexadays into a list up to 08/27/2013. These are not official in any way (in fact according to Owen they are pre-edit, pre-development versions of his ongoing work) so they might be a little rough around the edges. Any use at your tables should be subject to GM approval, but we think they’re neat so they are presented here.

You will see some duplicates in the names due to simple happenstance of coming up with the same name over the course of 500+ tweets! In cases where there are two spells/hexes with the same name they are enumerated as (a), (b), etc. for ease of reference.

Thanks Owen!

Hex Name Description
Biting Shadows (Su) Ranged touch attack, 3d4 cold, 30 ft. range, only vs. targets in dim or less light.
Come Hither (Su) As ‘approach’ command of command spell. Targets affected 1x/day.
Comely (Su) Gain +1/2 witch level to Diplomacy checks vs humanoids, monstrous humanoids, dragons, outsiders
Dead Sexy (Su) You may use Diplomacy on mindless undead & target undead with spells that target humanoids.
Develop (Su) (Greater hex) When an ally within 30 feet takes a totally ineffective action, you grant it a standard action but target can only use that action to do what you tell it to. Only effects a target 1/day.
Diminish (Su) As blight, but if area structure go to 1/2 hardness, vs creatures curse deals 1 Str damage.
Eldritch Familiar (Su) (Greater hex)When you cast your patron spells, they can originate from your familiar.
Empathic Healing (Su) As cure moderate wounds, but you take damage equal to what is healed.
Familiar’s Spindle (Su) When you use a wand or magic staff, it’s effect can originate from your familiar.
Fetching (Su) Grant ally w/in 30′ a +4 bonus to attacks against a foe that is threatening you, for 1 round.
Flash (Su) All foes w/in 30′ make Reflex save or are dazzled for 1 round/level.
Harmless (Su) As sanctuary but attackers may make a save each round. Once saves, target immune for 24 hours.
Juju (Su) Ranged touch attack (30′ max) & deal weapon damage to yourself. Touch attack deals same damage.
Patron’s Advocate (Su) While your familiar is in physical contact with you, your caster level is 1 higher.
Scorn Scent (Ex) Witch gains scent, but only against creatures that have harmed or spurned her.
Slash (Su) As spiritual weapon, but you use a dagger to deal 1d4 hp to yourself for the spell to attack.
Spell Name Class/Level Description
Absorption alchemist 5, bard 5, wizard 6 As absorbing touch but you absorb with your whole body, even readying to do so.
Acid Blood witch 6 As burning blood but personal and when you take hp you cast immediate action acid burning hands.
Acid Burns antipaladin 4, sorcerer/wizard 4 As scorching ray but acid damage and targets make Fort or suffer disfiguring touch.
Acid Burst magus 3, wizard 3 As fireball, deals acid, does not set things on fire, targets are dazzled for 1 round.
Act of Godling godling 3 Cast any 1st or 2nd level bonus spell from a domain granted by your patron god .
Adapt (a) inquisitor 3 As greater magic weapon, but effect changes weapon into cold iron, silver, or adamantine weapon of another type.
Adapt (b) ranger 2 As jump, but bonus applies to any acrobatics, climb or swim check, but only in your favored terrain.
Adaptive Admix alchemist 2 As resist energy, but self only and resist is vs. 1st energy type that damages you ea. round.
Aegis wizard 5 As sepia snake sigil except is cast on a shield and targets a creature that KOs the shield-bearer.
Allfeast ranger 4 As allfood but is tasty and also provides the bonuses (though not curative) of heroes’ feast.
Alluring bard 2, cleric 3, witch 3 As jump but bonus is to Diplomacy and subject gains adoration as love subdomain power.
Alone witch 3 As blindness/deafness, but target only cannot see allies, who are treated as being invisible and silent.
Alter Reality sorcerer 8, wizard 8 Illusion (shadow) 500 gp M. As limited wish but only creates effects that could exist without magic.
Alter Seas druid 1, wizard 1 As alter winds but applies to water conditions.
Analogue wizard 9 As clone but self only & clone acts as a simulacrum (as the spell) until used to resurrect target.
Analyze Alibi inquisitor 6 As zone of truth, but detect the accuracy of alibis read out in area, even if the original alibi-giver is not present.
Anathema (a) godling 3 As bestow curse, effect makes target vulnerable to all smites and favored enemy.
Anathema (b) ranger 4 As holy whisper but affects 1 type of your favored enemy.
Animal Whisper ranger 1 As honeyed tongue but applies to wild empathy checks you make.
Animate Construct cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 4 As animate dead except not evil and creates animated objects (CR same as undead available in original)
Animate Corpses cleric 7, wizard 8 As animate plants, but you animate corpses (or turn a graveyard into an entangle).
Annoying Song bard 2 As deafening song bolt but targets take no damage.
Ant‘s Strength druid 2, wizard 2 As bull’s strength but +6 Str, 1 hour/level, and does not increase your attack or damage bonus.
Antijuju Field witch 5 As antimagic field, but only works vs. hexes and magic from hags.
Antimagic Grip cleric 7 As antimagic field, but affects only you and creatures you are in a grapple with.
Antispell Ray cleric 8, wizard 7 As polar ray, but 1 random spell slot lost per CL and 1d4 Int, Wis or Cha drain.
Ant‘s Strength druid 2, wizard 2 As bull’s strength but +6 Str 1 hour/level & doesn’t increase your attack or damage bonus.
Apocalypse oracle 2 As hideous laughter, but target screams denials as its future is revealed.
Appetize witch 3 As allfood, but makes living target subject to bite attacks (1d6 Medium) from anyone.
Apples to Oranges witch 4, wizard 5 As polymorph but duration instant and you only change target’s gender.
Aqueous Doom druid, 6, wizard 6 As aqueous orb, but 20 ft. radius, stationary, and traps targets as an entangle.
Arcane Ally bard 3, witch 4 As charm person but any target and target just defends you and attacks those who attack you.
Arcane Bow wizard 3 As gravity bow, but effect is to gain the arcane archer PrC’s imbue arrow power.
Arcane Forge wizard 4 As greater magic weapon but you can forgo some enhancement bonus for special weapon abilities you meet the prerequisites to craft.
Arcane Nova wizard 5 As summon monster I but calls a lantern archon with 10 hp and 1 sorcerer level per 2 caster levels.
Arcane Trail wizard 2 As scent trail but you leave semi-visible arcane marks, followed with Spellcraft checks.
Argent Blade paladin 2 As align weapon but weapon is considered silver instead of an alignment.
Arise! witch 6, wizard 6 As charm monster, but target 1 corpse (which gets a will save). If it fails, it rises as an undead with 3 hp/CL.
Arma Patrina cleric 2 As spiritual weapon but is controlled by and remains adjacent to an ally, who also benefits from a shield spell.
Aspect of the Bear, Mass druid 5 As aspect of the Bear, but range: long and target 1 creature/level no 2 more than 30 ft. apart.
Aspect of the Dragon wizard 4 As aspect of the Wolf, but look draconic and bonuses are +4 Con and Cha, +2 to CL checks.
Athletic Vigor bard 2, witch 3, wizard 3 As jump, but bonus applies to any Str– or Dex-based skill of target’s choice.
Aura of Vehemence ranger 3 As aura of greater courage but grants allies all your favored enemy bonuses.
Babel bard 3, witch 3 As bestow curse (range and area of fireball) targets’ languages are randomized.
Backhand antipaladin 3 As inflict light wounds, but casts as a swift action and target makes Fort save or is prone.
Backtrack ranger 4 As find the path, but only to locate the home base of a creature you are touching.
Badger ranger 1 As knight’s calling but target must be a favored enemy.
Bag of Knives witch 3, wizard 2 As magic missile, but focus 1 knife per d4, max 10d4+10, ranged touch attacks.
Bailiff inquisitor 2 As blur, but full concealment, but only vs. targets who confessed to a crime within the past day.
Bailiff’s Rush inquisitor 4 As heroic finale, but you must end a judgment and can affect any ally in range.
Bait ranger 2 As fire trap, but the spell is placed on food, and it affects the 1st creature within 5 feet as beguiling gift.
Balefire wizard 5 As fireball but max 15d6, dam is 1/2 fire/force, killing target ends its ongoing Sp and Su effects.
Baleful Shield wizard 2 As shield but touch 1 target. AC only applies vs. efforts by allies to heal or aid target.
Balm cleric 4 As greater magic weapon, but item acts as 1st level wand of cure light wounds, with 1 charge per 3 caster levels.
Baneblade inquisitor 4, ranger 4 As greater magic weapon but weapon also bane vs. a creature type you have struck within 1 round.
Banish Summoning cleric 4, inquisitor 4, witch 4, wizard 4 As banish seeming, but negates conjuration/summoning and ability to conjure.
Banish Ward inquisitor 4, witch 4 As banish seeming, but works against abjuration spells.
Barrage wizard 4 As true strike, but effect is the arcane archer PrC’s hail or arrows power.
Battle Mage magus 3, wizard 3 As spiritual weapon except targets a staff in your hand and that staff makes attacks while you hold it.
Battle Staff magus 3. wizard 3 As magic weapon but target must be rod, staff, or wand, which gains hardness 20 for the duration.
Beast Sense druid 3 As Share Senses but grants you senses of any creature you can wild shape into.
Beast Spirit I ranger 3 As beast shape I, but you just pick 2 abilities to gain and do not actually change shape.
Beast Spirit II ranger 4 As beast totem I, but also gain +4 Str or Dex for the duration.
Bestow Dominion cleric 2 As bestow grace but target gains a 1st level domain power you have.
Bestow Drawback bard 3, inquisitor 3, witch 3 As bestow curse, but give target 2 drawbacks instead.
Bewitch witch 2 As bestow curse, but range close and target suffers -4 penalty to saves vs. hexes.
Binding Bolts ranger 4, magus 4 As fire of entanglement but applies to 1st ranged attack you make each round.
Black Blood alchemist 6 For 10 min/level creature that hits you with natural or unarmed attack is hit by poison spell.
Blade Shield cleric 9 As blade barrier but mobile, only covers adjacent spaces, and only affects foes.
Blade Storm witch 6, wizard 5 As arrow eruption, but you use attack any ally in range killed a foe within past round.
Bladecharm witch 6 As foe to friend but duration 1 round/level and effect applies to all attacks target makes.
Bladeshift magus 3 As polymorph any object but instant, affects magic weapons, only to turn a weapon into another weapon.
Bloat witch 4 As mass enlarge person, but targets only undead and they gain stench monster ability for the duration.
Blood Mist cleric 5, oracle 5, witch 5, sorcerer/wizard 5 As obscuring mist, but everything in area also targeted as by the fear spell.
Blood Vomit antipaladin 3, witch 3 As inflict moderate wounds with short range and a +1d6 bleed.
Blood-Splattered Floors witch 5 As cloudkill, but effect is as fear spell and area covered acts as slippery dungeon floors.
Bloody Blades antipaladin 3, witch 4 As bloody claws, but applies to weapon attacks made by target.
Bloody Curse witch 4 Necromancy [curse], CT 1 rnd; Comp V, S; Rng short; Tar 1 crea; Dur Instant; Save Will neg; SR yes. Target takes 1d4 damage/caster level.
Blowback druid 5, wizard 5 Target touched inflicts the effect of being in a river of wind on targets hit in melee.
Bombard alchemist 1 As greater magic weapon but allows a firearm to be loaded with and do damage as an alchemical bomb.
Bonfire Night wizard 4 As flaming sphere but it does not stop when it hits a target and its path is covered by a darkness spell.
Boom of Doom witch 2 As resounding blow, but affect applies to any creature you attack with a hex for the duration.
Brass Flask wizard 6 Dispel magic vs. area spell only, spell sucked into 100gp brass flask (M) for use within 1 hour.
Break, Mass wizard 5 As Break, but affects all of one kind of objects (i.e. “”short swords””) in a 20-ft.-radius.
Breath of Immortality godling 7 As medium range breath of life, heal 7d8 +1/level, restore life within 1 rnd/level.
Brewer all 2 As greater magic weapon, but causes potion to act as a different potion of same or lower gp value.
Bulwark cleric 4, paladin 4 As protective spirit but for Wis bonus/round sneak attacks miss and critical hits do not confirm.
Burden bard 2, cleric 2, witch 2, wizard 2 As slow, but effect is to increase target’s encumbrance by 1 step.
Burinator wizard 3 As fireball but instead of direct damage those who fail a save catch on fire taking 3d6/round until extinguished.
Burning Tar Bolts wizard 4 As scorching ray but targets also make Ref save or are entangled and affected by acid arrow.
Burrow alchemist 3 As fly, but you gain 20′ burrow rate and the earth glide ability instead of flying.
Call Faithful cleric 1, inquisitor 1, paladin 1 As call animal but Will negates and it calls nearest member of same faith as you.
Cat Nap druid 2, witch 2 As restful sleep, but the healing effects are gained over 10 minutes.
Catharsis bard 6 As heal but no hp’s healed, range and targets as mass cure light wounds, and end a performance to cast it.
Cause of Death inquisitor 2 As speak with dead, but can only ask questions about last 5 minutes of corpse’s life.
Caustic Cloud sorcerer 1, wizard 1 As sound burst but deals 1d6 acid +1 per 2 levels and targets save or are blinded for 1 round.
Caustic Storm magus 6, wizard 5 As detonate but 1d4/2 levels acid dam, you pick targets, and 1 round/2 levels.
Cavalry wizard 4 As mount but summoned mounts serve anyone you designate and you summon 1/level.
Celebrity bard 6 As sympathy, but target 1 creature and those defined wish to please target instead of touch it.
Celestial Hunter druid 4 As sanctify armor, but effect only applies when you are using wild shape.
Celestial Mount paladin 4 As haste, but can only target your special mount and also grants fly as the fly spell.
Chains of Hellfire wizard 5 As web but immune to flames and those grappled by it take 3d6 fire damage/round.
Charm Enemy ranger 4 As charm monster, but only targets creatures of your favorite enemy type.
Child of the Eagle druid 6, witch 7 As overland flight, range touch, also gives +5 to Perception checks and Flyby Attack.
Childlike bard 0, cleric 0, witch 0, wizard 0 As disguise self, but only to disguise yourself as an adolescent of a larger race.
Chimney-Slide cleric 2 As longstrider, but effect is to give recipient the compression monstrous ability.
Choir bard 3 As the sum 1d3 monster option of summon monster II, and they can maintain a bardic performance of caster.
Cloak of Night druid 3, witch 3 As cloak of shade but includes benefits of protective penumbra.
Close Border cleric 7, wizard 7 As campfire wall but area 1.mile/level radius and conforms to borders of a government.
Cloudwalk druid 6 As lily pad stride but effect is small solid clouds that appear wherever you go, and you have air walk.
Comet Swarm wizard 4 As scorching ray, but bolts are 4d4, and 1 per 3/level (5 max), and may redirect misses next round.
Command Nature druid 7 As charm animal, but affects all animals of a specific type with I HD or less within 1 mile/level.
Conference bard 2, cleric 2, inquisitor 2 As zone of truth, but effect grants a common tongue unique to the zone.
Conquer Demiplanes cleric 9 Dispel magic only vs. demiplanes, success gives you control as if you cast create greater. demiplane.
Contagious Laughter bard 5, witch 5 As contagious flame but Save is Will negates, and effect is hideous laughter rather than damage.
Control Vermin druid 5 As control plants, but affects vermin and only vermin.
Conversion cleric 6, inquisitor 5 As forced repentance but targets also change to your alignment for 1 hour/level.
Crab see animal aspect New option for the animal aspect spell. You deal unarmed damage on successful grapple checks.
Crab, Greater see animal aspect New option for the greater animal aspect spell. You gain the grab and constrict monster abilities.
Create Moat druid 3, wizard 3 As create pit but only in natural terrain and pit width is up to 10 feet/2 levels.
Crusader’s Blessing cleric 4, paladin 4 As blessing of courage and life but +2 morale to AC and attacks, healing is 3d8 + CL.
Cure Mount paladin 2 As heal mount but cast as swift action and heals mount as if you’d used lay on hands.
Curse Item cleric 5 as bestow curse, but effect is to turn one of foe’s items into a cursed item of your CL or less.
Curse of Dread witch 2 As bestow curse, but removes target’s fear immunities and any ability to grant bonuses against fear.
Curse of Rage bard 6, witch 6, wizard 6 As curse of disgust), but urge is to attack trigger, not to avoid it.
Customize summoner 3, witch 3 As greater magic weapon but gives an animated object (or construct) 1 CP of abilities/5 levels.
Cyclone Call cleric 5, druid 4 As black tentacles but [air] and you choose targets to be effected, max 1 target/5 levels.
Damsel witch 2 As gallant inspiration but ally’s failed check must aid you or harm a foe threatening you.
Dance of 100 Gestures bard 4 As dance of a hundred cuts (Ultimate Magic), but bonuses are to CL, concentration and spellcraft.
Dancing Manacles inquisitor 1, magus 1 As dancing lantern but manacles follow you and attach to helpless target you pick.
Dancing Shadows cleric 0, wizard 0 As dancing lights, but creates 1 to 4 motes of darkness, each reducing light by 1 step.
Dancing Weapon wizard 2 As spiritual weapon, but you cast it on a weapon which then makes the spell’s attacks.
Dawn druid 9 As sunburst but 120-ft.cone burst and effect goes off in area 1/round for 1 round per 5 caster levels.
Daylight Saving cleric 4, druid 4 As daylight + channels energy (1d6/2 levels) 1ce/round to harm undead harmed by sunlight.
Daze Monster, Mass bard 6, inquisitor 6, summoner 6, witch 6, wizard 6 As mass daze but affects creatures of any type.
Deadeye cleric 2, oracle 2, ranger 1 As bomber’s eye but applies to ranged weapons that are not thrown.
Deadline cleric 8 As geas/quest but if task is not completed by spell’s end, target is affected by bestow curse.
Deadly Display magus 6, inquisitor 6 As deadly finale but you may only use it after using the Dazzling Display feat.
Deft Fingers alchemist 2, bard 2 As honeyed tongue but bonus to Disable Device checks.
Delayed Spell magus6, witch 6, wizard 5 As delayed consumption but applies to your spells that target you.
Delve cleric 4, druid 3, wizard 4 As ride the waves, but gives burrow speeds and Climb bonuses.
Demarcate inquisitor 2 As bestow curse, but effect caster gets +6 to Perception, Sense Motive and Survival made vs. target.
Deny cleric 7 As greater dispel magic, but immediate action and can preempt instant spells.
Deplete witch 7 As expend but targets must sacrifice spell slots of 1st level or higher.
Detain wizard 8 As getaway but targets are 1 creature/level no 2 more than 30 feet apart within Long range.
Detect Aberrations or Magic Beasts ranger 2 As detect animals or plants, except for what it detects.
Detect Alchemy alchemist 1, wizard 0 As detect poison, but detects objects created through alchemy and alchemical reagents.
Detect Concealed Weapon inquisitor 2 As detect poison, but detects weapons not visible to the naked eye.
Detect Curse cleric 2, inquisitor 3, paladin 3 As detect magic, but detects cursed items and creatures.
Detect Enemy ranger 1 As detect undead but it detects creatures you have a favored enemy bonus against.
Detect Heretic cleric 3, inquisitor/paladin 2 As detect aberration, but to find worshipers of a different deity.
Detect Motive inquisitor 4 As augury, but you learn if a specific motive you suggest for a crime is the actual motive.
Detect Murder inquisitor 1 As detect magic, but learn if a corpse was slain by a willful act of malice.
Devenom ranger 2 As neutralize poison‘s ability to make poisonous creatures not be so, with short range.
Dispassionate Blade paladin 4 As bless weapon, but non-good targets affected as if by the paladin’s smite evil ability.
Distracting Dance witch 6 As frozen note except S rather than V, and you may take a move each round.
Diver’s Breath alchemist 0, cleric 0, druid 0, witch 0, wizard 0 As ant haul but triples time target can hold his breath.
Divine Grant cleric 3 As divine favor, but bonus applies to caster level checks and concentration checks.
Divine Intervention cleric 9 As limited wish but no M, spell is treated as an extraordinary effect.
Divine Vengeance paladin 3 As divine transfer but effect is to give your smite evil bonus vs. one target.
Dominate Trap antipaladin 4, bard 4 As magic weapon but effect is you decide when a touched trap activates and who it targets.
Dragon Companion druid 6 As form of the dragon but range touch and target your animal companion.
Dragonbane druid 6, inquisitor 6 As unholy aura, but not evil and bonuses and effects only count against targets of dragon type.
Duet bard 3 As blessing of fervor, but effect is to give allied spellcasters +2 to the save DCs of language-dependent spells.
Dungeon Diagram antipaladin 2, bard 2, inquisitor 2, ranger 2 As create treasure map but maps area around subject’s death site.
Dungeon Wall cleric 5, wizard 5 As wall of stone, but appearance perfectly matches any stone wall it connects to.
Ecstasy bard 2, cleric 3, witch 3, wizard 3 As waves of ecstasy, but range short, target one creature.
Edict cleric 8 As dictum but deaf = command, stagger = geas; paralyze = charm monster; dead = lawful alignment
Editing Pass wizard 3 As gallant inspiration, but can only be used when you tell a target what to do, and it fails to do it.
Edition War bard 3, witch 3 As bestow curse, but effect causes target to treat all spells from scrolls and wands as if they were not from his class.
Eldritch Focus bard 4, cleric 4, witch 4, wizard 4 As bristle, but bonus is to CL, and penalty is to all saving throws.
Elemental Arcana magus 3, wizard 3 As elemental touch but 1 min/level and effects add to spells of listed types.
Elemental Beast druid 2, ranger 1 As elemental touch but target is animal or magical beast touched.
Elemental Bulwark druid 2, ranger 2 As ablative barrier, but no AC bonus and energy damage is converted to nonlethal.
Elemental Companion I druid 4 As elemental body I, but range is touch and target is one creature of animal type.
Elemental Mastery druid 6, witch 6, wizard 7 As absorb toxicity but immunity and transference applies to 1 energy type.
Elemental Riot alchemist 6, wizard 6 As draconic reservoir but absorb all energy types and dice added to spells or bombs.
Embody (a) wizard 9, witch 9 As enter image, but inhabited image act as clone spell and can cast your spells.
Embody (b) wizard 7 As reincarnate except dead creature is brought back in a specific dead body you have which acts as a focus.
Empty Room bard 3, wizard 3 As mirage arcana but 5 ft-lvl-sq. room looks empty and those within unseen (ends as invisibility).
Evolution alchemist 7, cleric 6, wizard 7 As planar adaptation, but protects against nonmagic threats of any 1 terrain on your home plane.
Exigent Shield cleric 3, witch 3 As shield other but long range and only works for a blow that will KO or kill target.
Extraction wizard 4 As king’s castle except you don’t move and target arrives in a space adjacent to you.
Eye of Doom wizard 9 As scrying but subjects seen count as 25 feet away for spellcasting and get a new save ea. round.
Fair Fight inquisitor 2, magus 2, paladin 2 As true strike but no bonus to attack rolls, duration 1 minute/level, range personal.
Fair of Face bard 2, druid 2 As disguise self only to look like an idealized you. Gain +5 to Cha-based checks.
Fair Play cleric 3, inquisitor 3, paladin 3 As zone of truth, but those effected may not make sneak attacks or Bluff checks for any purpose.
Fall Back (a) bard 1, inquisitor 1, magus 1, witch 1 As gallant inspiration but only for Ref saves, and target must fall prone.
Fall Back (b) cleric 8 As bard’s escape but casting time is immediate action when you or an ally is KO’d/killed.
Faux Find cleric 5, wizard 5 As nondetection, but failed divinations create random false detection of target elsewhere.
Fey Fog ranger 4 As obscuring mist, except mist does not block sight of you and 1 ally/level.
Fey Holt druid 3 As rope trick, but cast in the branches of a tree rather than at end of a rope.
Field of Divinity cleric 6 As antimagic field, but with the area divine spells and (Su) abilities always work normally.
Filch bard 3, magus 3, witch 3 As spectral hand but cannot deliver touch spells, but can make disarm and steal maneuvers.
Final Smite paladin 3 As rest eternal, but no M component, and target must be an undead you used your smite evil ability on.
Find Weakness cleric 2, inquisitor 2, ranger 2, witch 2 As ghostbane dirge but target=1 creature and effect is to halve target’s DR.
Fire Fists inquisitor 3, magus 3, wizard 3 As elemental body I but target 1 creature and effect just gains burn ability and deals +1d6 fire damage.
Fire in the Gut wizard 1 As burning hands, but target is 1 creature you sneak attack and casting time is 1 swift action.
Fireblaze wizard 5 As fireball but 15d6 cap, and area is one ten-foot cube/level (shapeable).
Flash Fire wizard 2 As burning hands but 10d4 cap, range is 5 ft./level, and cannot set things on fire.
Floating Sphere wizard 6 As telekinetic sphere, but is only tough as a wall of stone and takes a move action to fly.
Flock Form druid 6 As beast shape III, but you become a swarm of tiny creatures.
Flood druid 7 As control water, but raise only and does not require an initial water source.
Fluster bard 1 As hold person, but target is 1 living creature and is only staggered on rounds it fails its save.
Flying Castle wizard 9 As secure shelter except area is 100-square-ft./level and structure has a 60 ft. fly speed.
Foe Hammer magus 3, wizard 3 As greater magic weapon but staff only, and allows staff to be wielded as a 1-handed weapon.
Forbidden Words witch 1 As deafness per blindness/deafness but Witch may allow target to hear specific creatures.
Force Jaws summoner 1 As spiritual weapon, damage as eidolon‘s attack and can only attack things adjacent to eidolon.
Forceful Lightning wizard 4 As call lightning, but shape and dice of burning hands and targets failing save are prone.
Forebode witch 2 As challenge evil but target 1 creature and you gain +2 to hex DCs against target.
Forensic Magic inquisitor 6 As speak with dead, but target is 1 unattended object that answers questions as if it could see and hear.
Form of Madness wizard 6 As beast shape IV, except it only allows you to become a Small-Large aberration. (Good for madness domain, too).
Form of the Dragon IV wizard 9 As form of the dragon III, but all bonuses and attacks are 50% larger.
Form of the Drake alchemist 4, magus 4, wizard 4 As monstrous physique II, but you take the form of a non-true dragon.
Frenzy inquisitor 4, magus 4, paladin 4 As haste but range personal, target you and effect lets you take a full attack as a standard action.
Fulminate witch 4 As firefall but CT 1 immediate and it counterspells fire spells to set the fulminate off.
Fumes druid 3, wizard 3 As obscuring mist but add [fire] descriptor & creatures take 2d6 fire damage each turn they are in area.
Furrier all 3 As fabricate but turns corpses into tanned furs and leathers (max GP value target’s HD x 10 gp).
Garnet Aura witch 1, wizard 2 As fox’s cunning, but effect is for all target’s spells to deal average damage.
Gemini Blade inquisitor 4, magus 4, paladin 4 As magic weapon but has a magic weapon as focus and gives target weapon the same magic properties for spell’s duration.
Get Off Me! inquisitor 4, witch 4 As burst bonds but duration is 1 minute/level and using it is a swift action.
Getaway wizard 5 As blink, target touch, target also dimension doors as free action each time it delivers a sneak attack.
Ghost Step inquisitor 2, paladin 2 As feather step but creature does not set of traps activated by stepping on them.
Giant Strike cleric 5 As strong jaw but affects unarmed and weapon attacks.
Gift of the Magus magus 6 As communal ant haul, but Magus’ arcane pool enhancements boosts all target’s weapons.
Give Thanks cleric 4 As pillar of life, range personal, heals creature that aids another or casts a harmless spell on you.
Glade druid 3 As spike stones, but effect causes area to count as terrain of your choice for spells and abilities.
Glide wizard 3 As spider climb but you don’t need any free limbs to move and you ignore difficult terrain.
Glory Ray cleric 4, paladin 4 As pain strike, but good descriptor. Awe causes target to be shaken rather than pain causing sickness.
God of Storms cleric 5, druid 5 As call lightning, but it’s a swift action to call a bolt each round.
God’s Hammer cleric 5 As magic weapon but effect is 1 bludgeoning. weapon is an immovable rod only you can deactivate.
Godstrike godling 2 As bless weapon, but effect is to add magic missiles to next successful weapon attack.
Grant Mercy paladin 4 As arcane concordance, but effect adds 1 of your mercies to magic healing cast in area.
Grave Influence cleric 5, wizard 6 As mass suggestion, necromancy [language-dependent], affects undead and only undead.
Grave Shadow witch 5, wizard 4 As fireball but necromancy [death], damage untyped negative energy, undead healed by it.
Graveyard Fog cleric 2, druid 1, witch 1, wizard 2 Obscuring mist, 10 min/lvl, only 3 ft tall, only gives concealment if prone.
Greater Blessing of Fervor cleric 7 As blessing of fervor but 1 min/level, targets select 2 benefits each round
Green Room wizard 4 As rope trick, but creates the space behind an existing door and takes a Will save for others to find it.
Green Star all 0 As detect magic, but detects creatures truthfully willing to be your ally.
Guardian cleric 3, inquisitor 3, paladin 3 As fire of judgment but CT standard action, range medium, touch attack for effect.
Guardian I-IX druid 1-9 As mount, but summon an animal of CR equal to spell’s level.
Guild Chest wizard 7 As secret chest, but up to 6 people you designate may summon it at will over 30 days per casting.
Guilty Dreams wizard 6 As nightmare and add a confess spell . target has 1 day to give you question’s answer.
Gun Voodoo cleric 3, inquisitor 3, magus 3 As bestow curse, but effect turns all target’s missed firearm attacks into misfires.
Gunpowder Treason alchemist 4, wizard 4 As fire trap, but cast on firearm, and it explodes when fired rather than when read.
Haberdasher wizard 5 As magic weapon, but causes body slot item to act as magic item (max gp CL x1k) of same slot.
Hail of Arrows ranger 4 As mirror strike but applies to all ranged attacks you make next rnd.
Haunt I-IX witch 1-9 As summon monster I-IX but you summon 1 haunt (AGMG) with CR double the spell’s level.
Haunting inquisitor 2, wizard 3, witch 3 As invisibility but when you attack you’re only visible to those you attacked.
Hawk Eye ranger 2 As eagle eye but sensor POV is an arrow you touch, and may shoot to move POV.
Heal Animal Companion ranger 4 As heal, but only for an animal companion.
Hearthgate cleric 7, wizard 7 As transport via plants except travel is from fireplace to fireplace.
Hell Gaze cleric/witch 7 As burning gaze but is a gaze attack and targets take .2 to AC until they save.
Hell Pit summoner/witch/wizard 7 As hungry pit but is full of gore, those in pit are nauseated, Fort each rnd negates.
Hellfire cleric/wizard 9 As fire snake but evil, half damage is untyped, and duration is 1 rnd/level.
Hero’s Resurgence cleric 7 As hero’s defiance but cast breath of life on an ally KOd or killed within short range.
Hex of Reprisal witch 3 As retribution but target is hit with one of your hexes of your choice.
Hibernate druid 6 As temporal stasis but personal. Can end when a condition it met (“when this torch is lit”)
Hoarball druid 4, wizard 3 As fireball, deals cold, does not set things on fire, area acts as a grease spell for 1 round.
Holy Charger paladin 4 As purified calling but it applies to your paladin’s mount.
Homing Bolt wizard 2 As true strike, but effect is the arcane archer PrC’s seeker arrow power.
Horrific Shriek witch 2 As sound burst with area of burning hands but targets are frightened rather than stunned.
Human Light all 3 As daylight, but illumination is only visible to humans. (Variants for other species exist).
Humanity witch 3 As instant enemy, but target counts as humanoid for all spells and effects.
Idle hands inquisitor 0 As virtue, but effect gives target -1 to CMD for 1 minute.
Ill Fortune oracle 3 As ill omen but oracle decides which roll is rerolled each round.
Illuminate Scroll wizard 4 As amplify elixir, but applies to 4th level and less spells you cast from a scroll.
Imbue with Skill bard 4, witch 4 As imbue with spell ability but grant skill rank up to target’s HD, you lose the ranks, 8 hr duration.
Immortality cleric 9 As breath of life, but target is hit with it for 1 round/level. Casting costs a spell slot of each level.
Immoveable cleric 9 As dimensional anchor, but target also cannot be moved against its will by any force.
Improvise witch 4 For 1 min/level, you lose 2 hexes to gain access to a hex you do not normally have.
Independence cleric 9 As freedom, but frees target from any geas, charm, or quest.
Indestructible wizard 9 As stoneskin, but DR is 30/?, target gains fast healing 10, duration is 1 rnd/2 levels.
Ineffable Enigma oracle 2 As lesser confusion, but is language dependent and duration concentration.
Infiltrator wizard 9 As charm monster but no max range & target also affected by share senses & telepathic bond.
Inkbind alchemist 5, wizard 4 As fabricate, but creates a spellbook of spells the caster knows at half the normal writing cost.
Instant Reincarnation druid 6 As resurgent transformation, but you also assume a wild shape form.
Instant Shield antipaladin 3, cleric 3, inquisitor 3, paladin 3 As instant armor but get buckler/small/large/tower shield based on CL.
Instant Trap wizard 4 As secret chest for applies to a trap, which must be disarmed to be stored ion the ethereal.
Intercession cleric 9 As greater planar ally, but F is a dead ally. Ally is replaced by ally for 1 rnd/level, then hit with raise dead.
Interdiction wizard 9 As lightning bolt but 20d6 max and ongoing effects from creatures kill end immediately.
Invert wizard 4 As blood biography but focus is a spell/magic item and you learn how/when it was cast/created.
Ioun Ring wizard 4 As magic weapon, but causes a ring to act as an ioun stone (orbiting head instead of ring slot).
Iron Bindings magus 2, wizard 2 Melee touch, target acts as if failed a save vs. web. Bonds are not flammable.
Iron Shot all 1 As dispel magic only to counterspell, firearm with cold iron bullet as focus, which must be discharged.
Isolate inquisitor 5, witch 4 As fester but SR is vs. spells granting armor .enhancement, luck, profane, .sacred, or .shield bonuses.
Jack-o’-Lantern witch 3 As dancing lantern, but 10 min/level and lantern has bane spell as gaze attack.
Jawbone cleric 2 As beguiling gift, but 1 rnd/level, and target uses offered weapon over other weapons.
Jester’s Jail bard 6 As fool’s forbiddance but area is stationary 30 foot radius and foes effected if they leave.
Jolt druid 3, magus 3, wizard 3 Call lightning, but 1 .target swift action ranged touch attack deals one die of damage.
Killbuck antipaladin 3, inquisitor 1 As innocence but applies only to Intimidate checks to make targets act friendly.
King of Brevity bard 5 As haste but one target, and effect is target takes full round actions as standard actions.
Kiss of Chaos witch 1 As lesser confusion, but range touch, no components, duration 2 rounds, must kiss target.
Kiss of the Hexen witch 4 As imbue with spell ability, but you transfer one of your hexes, which target can use once.
Laughing Skull witch 3 As spiritual weapon, but effect is a skull that cackles (as the hex) 1/round.
Level Lord any 9 As create demiplane but add the features to an existing area that holds no unfriendly/hostile creatures.
Level Lore bard 3, oracle 3 Commune with nature, only in dungeons, learn average CR and common creatures of current level.
Locate Owner inquisitor 4 As locate object, but use to find the owner of an item you use as a focus.
Locate Weapon inquisitor 4 As locate object, but use to find weapon that caused a wound on corpse you use as a focus.
Look Upstream bard 1, cleric 2, wizard 2 As detect magic, but effect tells you who gives orders to creatures in area.
Love Starved bard 3, witch 3 As feast of ashes but an act of coitus with a new partner counts as a meal for target.
Luminescent Blade paladin 4 As light lance, but weapon may be any melee weapon and enhancement bonus is +1/3 level (max +5).
Lure witch 7 As pied piping but any creatures and requires focus of hair or nail clipping of each target.
Lurid Text bard 4 As fire trap, but cast on book or scroll, opener must save or be fascinated for 10 min/caster level.
Maestro’s Curse bard 2, witch 2 As crafter’s curse but penalty applies to one skill of caster’s choice.
Maestro’s Favor bard 2, witch 2 As crafter’s fortune but bonus applies to one skill of caster’s choice.
Mage Cage wizard 9 As antimagic field but permanent, stationary, short range, + surrounded by a wall of iron.
Mage Fire wizard 5 As flame blade but deals 1d4 per 3 levels and can deliver 1 touch spell/round with a hit.
Magic Bullet magus 1, ranger 1, wizard 1 As magic weapon, crossbow/firearm only, but lets you make disarm, trip, and sunder checks at range with firearm.
Magic Forge inquisitor 4, magus 4 As greater magic weapon but lets you swap weapon’s properties for others with the same cost.
Magic Mace wizard 1 As magic missile, but range is touch, target is creature touched, and deals d8s rather than d4s.
Magic Siege Missile wizard 5 As enemy hammer but no initial target, instead you deal 3d8 force damage 1/round.
Make a List cleric 4 As create treasure map, but creates list of good and evil alignments in subject’s home town.
Malediction cleric 4 As blessing of courage and life but Nec, Will neg, gives penalty target ends by taking 5d8 dam +1/level.
Maleficent Aura witch 6 As elemental aura but aura’s effect is to hit creature with bestow curse.
Mana Drain witch 3, wizard 3 As inflict moderate wounds, but removes spell points from target rather than hp.
Mana Transfer all 3 As cure light wounds, but the effect is to restore 1d3+1 spell points.
Mandate wizard 8 As dictum but deaf= confused, staggered= charm, paralyze= dominate, kill= geas, banish= planar ally.
Mark inquisitor 2, paladin 2 As compassionate ally, but effect causes target to provoke an AoO from you if it attacks anyone but you.
Mark of Purity cleric 7, witch 9 Target may invoke a cleanse on itself once in the next 24 hours.
Mating Call bard 3, witch 3 As pox pustules but target’s fatigued and .4 Wisdom and scratching isn’t what helps.
Maul of Anarchy cleric 6 As spiritual weapon except targets hit are affected as if hit by a chaos hammer.
Melt Flesh witch 5, sorcerer/wizard 5 As fireball but only vs. living creatures, untyped damage, and deals 1d4 Cha on a failed save.
Metamorphosis wizard 9 As polymorph but morph into humanoids only target casts spells as an 8th level sorcerer.
Migraines antipaladin 1 As magic weapon, but no attack/dam bonuses, instead inflicts flare as spell on targets hit.
Mind Leach witch 3 As touch of idiocy, but also grant ally within 30 feet +4 to Int, Wis or Cha for duration.
Mind Trick wizard 4 As glibness, but bonus applies to Diplomacy checks.
Mist Bridge witch 6 As solid fog, but creatures can walk along the top of the fog cloud.
Mistwalk druid 2, wizard 2 As dimension door but 15 ft. range, and only to teleport to spots mist could reach.
Modify Memory, Mass bard 6 As modify memory but affects 1 target/level all w/in 30 ft. All targets get same memory.
Molten Glass Bolt wizard 6 As acid arrow but deals 5d6 fire/round, duration and target is slowed.
Monkey Bars wizard 4 Dur 10 min, create ladder-like bridge of force as if with wall of stone, no anchor points needed.
Monkey Shines witch 3 As hold person but only limbs are paralyzed and no extra saves are granted.
Monkey Suit bard 3 Increase formal appearance of a target. As glibness but effect is as hand of glory ability.
Moonbolt druid 2, witch 2 As scorching ray with 1 ray max, cold damage, and target loses any DR bypassed by silver for 1 rnd/level.
Mordant Lance magus 2, wizard 2 As acid arrow, but melee touch and deals 3d4 acid.
Mud Pit druid 2, wizard 3 As overgrowth of plant grows but no plants needed, earth spells enhanced, and 10 min/level.
Mule witch 7 As baleful polymorph, but target becomes a mule loyal to caster, with the better of its Str of a mule Str.
Mute (a) bard 3, cleric 4, witch 3, wizard 4 As blindness-deafness, but subject cannot speak.
Mute (b) bard 3, witch 3, wizard 4 As silence, but target and effect 1 creature rather than AOE.
Nature’s Eyes druid 8 As share senses, but target is every animal of a specific type n range and range is 1 mile/level.
Nature’s Weapon ranger 1 As bless weapon, but works against aberrations, outsiders, and undead instead of vs. evil.
Negate Visage cleric 3 As negate aroma but blurs target so it can’t be positively identified or use gaze attacks.
Nemesis antipaladin 4, bard 4, cleric 4, magus 4, paladin 4, witch 4 As natural rhythm except it applies to all attacks and adds to attack rolls.
Night Terror witch 6, sorcerer/wizard 7 As nightmare, but target also affected as by phantasmal killer.
Nithstang witch 4 Consecrate (focus: pole), effect is blight hex (cl in miles radius) and is ended by a named event.
Noble Banner cleric 2, inquisitor 2 As greater magic weapon, but targets a cavalier’s banner & increases its bonuses.
No Connectivity cleric 3, wizard 3 As hold person, but effect is to prevent target from using any spells or sp or su abilities.
Nomen inquisitor 3 As detect thoughts but only learn target’s name, then gain favored enemy benefits as a 5th lvl ranger.
Obfuscate wizard 2 As chameleon stride but target 1 creature, and only applies in rounds you move 10′ or more.
Obliterate wizard 9 As disintegrate but range and targets as chain lightning, and Fort save half.
Ooze Form wizard 7 As gaseous form w/o sentences 3-5. No fly speed. 30 ft. swim and climb rates succeed at all such checks.
Oozify summoner 4, witch 6 As fluid form but target is your eidolon or familiar.
Oubliette of Oblivion wizard 7, summoner 6 As acid pit, but deals 1d6 Str/round, and killed targets become wraiths.
Outcast cleric 6, witch 6 As nature’s exile but humanoids are hostile instead of animals, and penalty is to diplomacy checks.
Outlaw cleric 4, inquisitor 4 As bestow curse, but effect gives people favored enemy bonuses (as ranger) against you = to 1/3 their level.
Overcome ranger 4 For 1 min/level, you recover 1d8 hp + caster level each time you drop a favored enemy.
Overreach wizard 9 As clenched fist with spectral hand‘s power. Caster takes 9d6 hp if it is dispelled.
Pacifist’s Curse witch 8 As deflection but applies to melee attacks and ends if you make an attack.
Pack Leader druid 2 As heroism, but can only target creatures of the animal type.
Pack Shift witch 3 As haste, but effect is replaced with targets being able to use any shape-shift they have as swift actions.
Pack Ward druid 3, ranger 4 As coward’s lament but target is compelled each round to NOT attack animals or plants.
Painful Mutation summoner 5, witch 6, sorcerer/wizard 5 As rage, but subjects also gain 1 evolution point per 3 caster levels.
Pantheon godling 4 As haste but effect gives targets 1 degree of a divine trait you possess.
Paradigm wizard 7 As transformation but range touch and effect is to temporarily add a class archetype to target.
Parallel Evolution summoner 4 As evolution surge but effect is eidolon changes base form and form-based evolutions.
Paralyzing Fear inquisitor 8, witch 8 As euphoric tranquility but fear effect and target sees all creatures as threats.
Patsy bard 2 As compel hostility but you may make any charmed or friendly creature the target of the spell.
Persecution inquisitor 2 As versatile weapon, but applies to all your attacks and you expend a judgment to cast it.
Pestilence cleric 7, druid 7, wizard 8 As summon swarm but 1 hr/level & a damaged foe is targeted by contagion spell.
Phantasmal Madman witch 4 As unseen servant, except the servant can cackle (as the Witch hex) to affect the caster’s hexes.
Phantasmal Master bard 4, witch 4 As dispel magic vs illusions only, but a successful check gives you control of the illusion.
Phantasmal Terror witch 3 As phantasmal killer, but effect is paralysis for 1 round/level if fail 2 saves, or shaken if either is made.
Phantom Ally inquisitor 4, magus 4, paladin 4 As spiritual weapon but it attacks and hits what you hit in melee.
Phantom Hooves inquisitor 4, magus 4, paladin 4 As phantom steed, but gives that spell’s movement abilities to an existing steed.
Phantom Hooves, Mass cleric 5 As phantom hooves plus ant haul, but 1 creature/2 levels. Good for Santa’s sleigh.
Phantom Reindeer cleric 5, druid 4 As phantom steed, but summons team for a wagon which gains same movement powers.
Piercing Shriek bard 3, magus 3 As scorching ray, except targets are effected as if hit by discordant blast.
Pillar of Resurrection cleric 9 As pillar of life but creatures touching are affected as by breath of life.
Pincushion ranger 3 As righteous vigor, but target you, and bonuses apply when you hit with a ranged attack.
Placebo cleric 2, witch 2 As invigorate but effect is target takes no penalties from nauseated/sickened conditions.
Plague Vapor alchemist 3, cleric 3, druid 3, wizard 3 As dust of twilight but effect targets are sickened and shaken, not fatigued.
Pocket Dragon witch 4, wizard 4 As fire breath, but target is your familiar and it gains the fire breath.
Pocket Trick bard 4 As greater magic weapon but makes 1 garment act as a robe of useful items (no items with gp cost).
Poise bard 3, witch 3 As grace but CT=1 standard action, range=short, target=1 creature.
Polemic cleric 3, inquisitor 4 As hunter’s howl but you grant the bonuses to 1 creature/2 levels.
Polymorph Weapon wizard 4 As polymorph any object, but only weapons into other weapons with the same magic abilities.
Poppies witch 9 As cloak of dreams but range long, area 40 ft. radius, and sleep effect lasts 1 minute/level.
Posse inquisitor 3 As haste, expect targets gain use of one judgment you are currently using.
Power Word Curse witch 7, sorcerer/wizard 7 As power word blind but target affected by bestow curse rather than blindness.
Power Word Obey witch 8, sorcerer/wizard 8 As power word stun but target obeys a command (as the spell) instead of being stunned.
Power Word Transform witch 9, sorcerer/wizard 9 As power word kill but target effected by baleful polymorph rather than killed.
Primal Form I-III see form of the dragon i-iii As form of the dragon spells, but allows you to become a primal dragon.
Prismatic Blade wizard 9 As flame blade except each hit produces one effect from the prismatic ray table.
Prismatic Shield wizard 8 As shield but foes striking you in melee are hit by one ray from the prismatic ray table.
Protection from Dragons cleric 3, wizard 3 As protection from evil but vs. all and only dragons, and resist energy vs all and only br weapons.
Proclaim cleric 5, witch 5 As command, but duration 1 round/level and you give a new order each round as a swift action.
Profane Incentive antipaladin 3 As divine transfer but hp is damage and foe gets Cha mod as DR and attack bonus.
Prophecy oracle 2 As bless but casting time 1 hour, range same plane, duration 1 day/level.
Proscribe witch 1 As forbid action, but duration 1 round/level.
Protection From Magic, Communal cleric 9 As communal protection from energy, but applies vs all magic hp damage.
Protection From Monsters bard 1, druid 2 As protection from evil but works against creature of 1 type rather than evil.
Rap Sheet inquisitor 1 As innocence, but bonus applies to Knowledge (local) checks to know about someone’s past crimes.
Ray of Lassitude witch 2 As ray of enfeeblement, but target qualifies as entangled for duration.
Recommend bard 1 As forbid action, but effect is to give subject a +4 bonus to a related die roll if it takes the selected action.
Reconjure summoner 3 As jester’s jaunt, but can only cast on eidolon or summoned monsters.
Red Hands witch 1 As residual tracking but touch corpse to view its killer (who makes a Will save to neg.).
Reduce Monster wizard 4 As reduce animal except target is 1 living creature save is Fort negates and SR is yes.
Rejuvenate Familiar witch 1 As rejuvenate eidolon except applies to witch‘s familiar.
Remove Charm bard 2, inquisitor 2 As remove fear, but works vs mind-affecting effects.
Repair Light Damage wizard 1 As cure light wounds but repairs objects & constructs that aren’t destroyed.
Rescribe magus 4, wizard 4 As dispel magic, only vs sigils and symbols, success turns one into a lower-level sigil you control.
Resize wizard 4 As polymorph any object, but only to change an object into an identical object one size larger or smaller.
Restock wizard 3 As greater teleport, CT: 10 min, Range: 10 miles/level, location must have your arcane mark.
Restore Minions summoner 6 As heal + breath of life, targeted as mass cure light wounds, but only for summoned creatures.
Retrain bard 3, witch 3, wizard 4 As owl’s wisdom but effect is target may shuffle 1 skill point per HD for spell’s duration.
Retribution wizard 5 As blaze of glory but allies gain +5 to hit and dam 1 rnd/level, foes take 1d6/level dam.
Retune Wand wizard 3 As magic weapon, but makes wand cast a spell you know (of wand‘s class, CL, and level or less).
Returns wizard 4 As jester’s jaunt, but close range and target is teleported to the space it began its last turn at.
Revenant witch 9 As phantasmal revenge but necromancy and ghastly image may attack any creature in long range.
Revitalize cleric 3 As greater restoration, but also fixes staggered, and effects only last 10 minutes/level.
Rictus witch 5 As hideous laughter but necromancy, only vs undead, and target gives off cackle hex for caster.
Ring of Fire wizard 6 As wall of fire circle option, but centered on and moves with you.
Ritual Blade magus 1, witch 1 As gravity bow but benefit applies to a light melee weapon of your.
Rockslide druid 6, wizard 6 As the effect clashing rocks has on non-targets in its area, but medium range cone.
Room Sweeper magus 4 As lightning bolt, but if line hits a wall (hardness 8 or more) it turns rather than stop.
Runes of Accord cleric 4, witch 4 As marks of forbiddance but targets are you and one creature/2 levels.
Saber Dance bard 6 As transformation, but your base attack bonus is equal to your ranks in Perform (dance).
Saber of Light wizard 3 As magic weapon, but weapon ignores all hardness and DR, and grants Snatch Arrow while held.
Saint’s Fire druid 6, wizard 6 As ball lightning, except globes move with you and target adjacent foes.
Salvation inquisitor 6 As spell resistance, 1 target/level, SR only vs spells from creatures of opposed alignment.
Sanctorum cleric 7, druid 4, wizard 7 As hide campsite, with area 20-ft.-cube/level and may be made permanent.
Sanctum cleric 3, paladin 4 As grove of respite but it can only be cast in a holy place of church of your god.
Savagery druid 3, witch 3 As moonstruck but target is not dazed or under a confusion, drops nothing, and gains the benefits of barkskin.
Scholar’s Cunning bard 2, witch 2 As fox’s cunning, but gives skill ranks caster assigns, no boost to spell DCs.
Scornblade ranger 2 Flames of the faithful but anyone uses weapon and it is bane vs a favored enemy not flaming.
Scourge cleric 1 As burning hands but untyped holy damage, and only affects creatures of opposing alignment.
Scout ranger 4 As share senses but can target any animal (including companions) friendly to caster.
Screech bard 1 As acid splash but 1d4 sonic damage, and can expend 1 rnd of performance/2 lvls for +1d4 damage.
Scrivener all 3 As magic weapon but is cast on scroll, causing scroll‘s CL to be equal to user’s CL.
Scry Trap bard 5, wizard 6 As scrying plus alarm, 1 day/lvl – scries on location it’s cast at when the alarm goes off.
Scutarius cleric 4, inquisitor 4 As shield other but bonuses are +1/4 levels and a willing ally touched is the one taking 1/2 the damage.
Sea Lord wizard 5 As freedom of movement but not first paragraph power & does give water breathing.
Sea of Tendrils witch 9, wizard 8 As black tentacles but spreads like cloudkill and grappled targets take 5d6/round.
Sea Surge druid 5, wizard 5 As hydraulic torrent but +1d8/2 levels damage (Ref 1/2) and dispel check vs magic fire.
Secret Speech bard 3, witch 4 As hidden speech but all targets use a language unique to the spell.
Sectarian cleric 6 As transformation but lose access to 2 domains to gain access to 1 new one for the duration.
Seek inquisitor 4, ranger 4, witch 3 Follow aura but you scent 1 creature type and gain +4 if you have a piece of it,.
Seeking Fetish witch 1 As hunter’s eye but components include focus of a doll made with the target’s hair.
Seen Servant wizard 1 As unseen servant but illusory assistant and has all Professional skills at bonus = 1/2 CL.
Selective Dispel sorcerer/wizard 9 As greater dispel magic‘s area dispel, But 40 ft. radius, and you may exclude any spell or item.
Self Repair wizard 6 As unbreakable construct but grants fast heal = to target’s DR/adamant or hardness.
Sense Evil paladin 2 As bloodhound, but only applies to the scent from evil creatures and objects.
Shadow Bolt wizard 3 As scorching ray, cold damage, targets makes Will save to disbelieve or are blinded 1 rnd/level.
Shadow Life wizard 6, witch 7 As persistent image set by contingency to appear dead when you are K-O’d.
Shadow Trap wizard 6 As shadow conjuration, but create a trap with CR no more than 1/2 caster level.
Shadowedge bard 2, witch 2 As unerring weapon but effect allows 1 attack/round to treat foe as flat-footed.
Shattering Shriek bard 4 As ear-piercing scream but cone area and adds effects of shatter to area and 1 object.
Shockball druid 4, wizard 3 As fireball, deals lightning, does not set things on fire, targets in metal armor take -2 to their saves.
Sickening Sight witch 4 As unhallow, but effect is targets in area who are shaken or worse affected by cacophonous call.
Silent Night cleric 2, witch 2 As blindness-deafness, but effect makes target mute until the next dawn.
Simulate Scroll wizard 4 As alchemical allocation, but you gain benefit of scroll spell (max 4th level) on yourself.
Siren Song bard 4, witch 3 As cacophonous call, except target is friendly to you rather than nauseated.
Slander bard 6 As denounce but duration 1 day/level, and need only clearly ID a creature, not have it present.
Slave Husk wizard 9 As trap the soul, but body is not taken and is instead controlled as by dominate monster.
Smolder inquisitor 0 As virtue, but effect is to add +1 hp of fire damage to next melee attack target makes.
Snitch inquisitor 4, witch 4 As create treasure map, but map is to person or object caster desires and known by target.
Softstep alchemist 2, druid 2, ranger 2 As negate aroma but targets cannot be located by tremorsense.
Soothing Melody bard 1, witch 2 As flare burst, but effect and duration are as lullaby.
Sorcerous Scribbles wizard 1 As putrefy food and drink, but it ruins mundane writing in area, or one magic scroll/book.
Speak With Vermin bard 5, druid 4, witch 3 As speak with plants, but applies to, and only to, vermin.
Spell Leach witch 4 As dispel magic only to counterspell and if successful you restore a spell slot of same level or less.
Spell Loan sorcerer 5 As coordinated effort but you grant spellcasters a 1st level bonus spell known.
Spell Rend cleric 6, wizard 6 As cast out but dispel effects all magic on target and deals +1d6 damage per magic dispelled.
Spell-lock inquisitor 3, magus 3 As magic weapon, but effect allows your firearm to deliver touch range spells within 5 range increments.
Spellslice magus 6 As greater magic weapon, but effect lets you dispel magic as a standard action with your weapon attack roll instead of caster level.
Spellsteal witch 4 As single-target dispel magic, but you may choose to take remaining duration of dispelled effect.
Spirit Artillery ranger 3 As spiritual weapon, but is a ranged weapon ( bow or crossbow) that can make ranged attacks.
Spirit Speech bard 2, witch 2 As elemental speech, but use creature’s blood as M Comp to speak with all of same type.
Spiritual Armada cleric 9 As spiritual weapon but gain 1 weapons per 5 levels, use your cl instead of BAB.
Spiritual Cannon cleric 4, inquisitor 3 As spiritual weapon, but its an early firearm that attacks from your space without reloading.
Spiritual Warrior cleric 5 As spiritual weapon except damage is 2d6+1/level & weapon threatens (but can’t take AoOs)
Steal Breath cleric 6, magus 6, witch 6, wizard 6 As cup of dust but 1 rnd/2 lvls and effect is suffocation (not dehydration).
Steal Knack witch 6 As arcana theft but can target feats (owner’s HD =s cl) and transfer them to a 3rd party by touch.
Stocking Stuffer wizard 3 As greater magic weapon, but turns socks into bags of holding (type = 1 per 4 caster levels).
Stonehand alchemist 3, witch 4, wizard 3 As lockjaw but target may use it with unarmed attacks.
Summon Flying Reindeer druid 4, wizard 5 As mount but summons 1 steed/2 levels and they have overland flight.
Summon Horror I-IX witch 1-9 Summon monster I-IX, 1/2 dur. and monsters gain max ranks of Intimidate and Dazzling Display.
Summon Minion I-IX wizard 1-9 as summon monster I-IX, but replace monsters with NPCs of 1 lower CR from AGMG.
Summon Siren druid 7, wizard 7 As summon monster VI except you get 1 succubus who has pied piper as if you cast it.
Summon Trap I (a) cleric 1, magus 1, ranger 1, wizard 1 As summon monster I, but summons a trap of the same CR.
Summon Trap I (b) wizard 1 As sepia snake sigil, except you trap a door or object with CR 1 trap from core rulebook.
Surge druid 4 As saddle surge, but target any animal and it gains bonuses based on its move without you mounted.
Suspended Sentence (a) inquisitor 1 As saving finale but you must end a judgment to cast it.
Suspended Sentence (b) inquisitor 3 As purging finale, but you must end a judgment to cast it.
Sustain alchemist 6, wizard 6 As elude time but duration 10 min/level, target 1 object, and object cannot cause changes.
Sutler I cleric 2 Creates a cure light wounds potion as your caster level that lasts 1 hour/level, or until used.
Swamp Gas bard 4, wizard 4 As memory lapse but area is one 20-foot-cube per level.
Swap summoner 4 As king’s castle, but can only target eidolon or summoned monsters.
Sword Dance inquisitor 2, magus 2, wizard 2 As magic weapon, but weapon attacks as spiritual weapon (add.
Sword Saint cleric 9 As transformation but do not lose spellcasting and gain the spell combat class feature.
Symbol of Exertion cleric 4, witch 4, wizard 4 As symbol of slowing except targets are instead fatigued.
Symbol of Illness cleric 3, witch 3, wizard 3 As symbol of slowing except targets are instead sickened.
Symbol of Lust witch 7 As symbol of death, but targets act as if under an elixir of love for 10 minutes/level.
Symbol of Tendrils cleric 5, witch 5, wizard 5 As symbol of sealing (Ultimate Magic) but creates field of black tentacles (as spell).
Sympathetic Damage witch 6 As paladin’s sacrifice but you force another target in range to take the effect (Fort negates).
Symptoms druid 2 As castigate but causes effect as disease with DC same/lower than spell’s or is sickened 1 rnd.
Tar Men wizard 4 As mirror image but melee attackers hitting an image make a Ref save or are entangled 1 rnd/lvl.
Telekinetic Retribution wizard 5 As cloak of winds, but foes of any size must make Fort save to attack in melee.
Terror Arms cleric 4, witch 3, wizard 4 As ant haul but effect is to give target +10 feet reach and 30 ft. climb speed.
The Best Defense inquisitor 2, magus 2, paladin 2 As shield but AC only applies against a foe you hit in melee this round.
Thrall bard 6, witch 8 As charm person, plus dominate person and target can act as if it was your projected image.
Throwback summoner 5, wizard 6 As devolution but any one target and remove an ability that matches an evolution.
Thunderball bard 4, druid 4, wizard 3 As fireball, deals sonic, does not set things on fire, targets are deafened 1 round.
Thunderclap druid 5 As fireball, but deals sonic damage and deafen targets that fail their save.
Tidal Wave druid 6, wizard 6 As aqueous orb but Colossal deals 6d6 passes 30′ walls & effects gargantuan targets.
Tie/Unfasten wizard 0 As open-close, but causes rope, string, lacing, straps, and similar objects that hold knots.
Toady antipaladin 4, bard 4, wizard 5 As lesser geas but target also turned into humanoid of your choice as by polymorph.
Toil and Trouble witch 5 As scrying, with cauldron for a focus, but you can bestow curse on 1 creature scryed.
Torchbearer sorcerer 1, wizard 1 As dancing lights but duration is 10 min/level & it follows target touched (Reflex negates).
Torrential Downpour druid 6 As obscuring mist but 20 ft-lvl-radius, immune to fire and wind, and can quench 1/rnd.
Totem I witch 2, wizard 2 Turn your familiar into a creature from summon monster I for 10 minutes/level.
Totem II witch 3, wizard 3 As totem I but uses summon monster II. (totem 3-8 follow same progression)
Totem Ward magus 4, witch 4 As corruption resistance but defenses apply to damage dealt by creatures of 1 type.
Touch of Frailty wizard 2 As touch of idiocy but reduces Str, Dex, & Con may make feats useless if prereq not met.
Touch of Heaven godling 3 As consecrate, but godling-class powers are 3 levels more effective in area.
Touch of Incompetence cleric 3, witch 3 As touch of idiocy, but effect is -1d6 attack bonus or -1d6 ranks all skills.
Touch of Infection cleric 3, witch 3 As touch of fatigue, but effect sickens target.
Transmogrify witch 4, wizard 4 As calcific touch, but damage is Con, and end result is baleful polymorph.
True Aim magus 1, ranger 1, wizard 1 As magic weapon, crossbow/firearm only, but effect is that if an attack misses, you never actually pulled the trigger.
True Aspect cleric 3, wizard 3 As true form, but applies to illusions concealing appearance, incl. invisibility.Turtle (Cleric 5) As slow, but targets are also muted.
Typhoid Tonic alchemist 4 For 1 hour/level you can infect a target touched as contagion, max targets =1/2 your level.
Ugly Sweater witch 1 As sanctuary, but those failing save just cannot look at you (as if eyes closed).
Ultimate Arcana wizard 9 As antimagic field, but only vs. dispel magic, mage’s disjunction, and similar spells.
Understanding cleric 3, inquisitor 3, witch 3, wizard 3 As telepathic bond, but discourse is spoken and understood by all subjects regardless of language.
Undertow druid 2, wizard 2 As hydraulic push but area: 20.ft.radius, only works in water, trips and disarms targets.
Unnatural Avarice bard 2, witch 3, wizard 3 As unnatural lust, but target desires to possess an object.
Unnatural Gluttony bard 2, witch 3, wizard 3 As unnatural lust, but target desires to consume a food or drink.
Unnatural Wrath bard 3, witch 4, wizard 4 As unnatural lust, but target desires to include creature in 1 damaging effect.
Unstoppable inquisitor 6 As true strike but attack also ignores DR, concealment, mirror images, etherealness and incorporeal.
Vanguard paladin 2 As rally point except Duration is 1 round/level & it affects creatures adjacent to you.
Vermithrax wizard 9 Form of the dragon 3 (but gargantuan) and transformation, 1 hr/level. Casting costs a spell slot of each level.
Vigor Leach witch 4 As mind leach (spelltweet) by drain Str/Dex/Con, and grant ally +4 Str, dex or Con.
Vilayet cleric 3, ranger 2 As consecrate but effect makes area act as favored terrain of rangers worshiping the same god.
Vile Mark antipaladin 2 As scorching ray but only 1 bolt at any level, and target is affected as by a brand spell.
Viral Charm witch 7, wizard 7 As contagious flame but effect is charm monster (w/its own duration).
Virulence druid 3, witch 3, wizard 4 As accelerate poison, except it causes a disease to force 1 save every round.
Vision of Paradise bard 3, witch 3, wizard 3 As vision of hell but calm scene puts .2 to attacks for all but LG.
Voice of the Wilds bard 1 As charm animal, but only on friendly animals, and they gain 6 bonus tricks for duration.
Wall of Earth druid 2, wizard 3 As wall of stone, but no hardness and 5 hp/inch. Cannot bridge a chasm.
Wall of Lava druid 7, wizard 7 As wall of iron that also deals damage as wall of fire.
Wall of Tar wizard 6 As wall of iron but also damages as wall of fire.
Wall Runner bard 1, magus 1, witch 1 As glide, but you must be adjacent to some vertical surface.
Wandering Monster I summoner 2 As summon monster I, but summoned creature matches appearance of one in nearby structure.
War Chief cleric 4, wizard 4 As haste but one target must have Weapon Specialization and all targets deal +1d6 melee damage while that target is conscious.
War Healing cleric 6 As delayed consumption but applies to a conjuration (healing) spell you cast (on anyone).
War Staff wizard 2 As magic weapon but your staff (only) makes 1 attack/round (attack bonus = caster level) as free action.
Wardsigil cleric 5, witch 5 Firebrand but targets get no fire abilities and are immune to 1 of your spells you pick.
Warning Bell bard 2, witch 3, wizard 3 As bestow curse but effect is target cannot sneak attack and takes -20 to Stealth checks.
Waypoint ranger 4, wizard 5 As guiding star but you may be attuned to 1 location/level.
Weighty Sins paladin 1 As lead blades or gravity bow but extra damage only applies to evil targets.
Wend cleric 6, wizard 4 As greater teleport, but only you and a heavy load, and only to a place you could eventually fly to.
Whiteout druid 4 As darkness but [cold] not [darkness] drops light two steps doesn’t counter light spells.
Wildfire witch 9 As summon monster VII but summon 5 large fire elementals and each has the fiery body spell.
Winter Solstice druid 3 As consecrate, but cold spells do +1 hp/die of damage in area.
Witchfire witch 2 As fire of vengeance but effects next creature to hit you and goes off if it hits you again.
Woeful Countenance inquisitor 0 As virtue, but effect is to add +2 to next Intimidate check target makes.
Wolfpack Pounce druid 4, summoner 4 As king’s castle but target is one summoned animal, eidolon, or animal companion.
Woodcraft druid 1, ranger 1 As crafter’s fortune, but bonus is to next Knowledge (nature) or Survival check.
Words In Your Mouth bard 3 As forced quiet +fumbletongue + concentrate to control what the target says for 1 round.
Wyrm’s Breath magus 6, wizard 6 As dragon’s breath but 15d6 cap, duration and uses are as call lightning.
Yaga witch 9 For 10 min/level your hexes are swift actions with x5 range. Casting costs a spell slot of each level.
Youth cleric 6, witch 6, druid 5 As raise dead (including cost) but effect is to remove 1d6 years of aging from target.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

#Spelltweets. Copyright Owen K.C. Stephens 2010-2011; Author Owen K.C. Stephens.

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