Sorcerer Spell Selection Guide

Spell selection is the most important part of any sort of sorcerer ‘optimization’. Spells known are the most limited resource a sorcerer has and should be coveted like prized possessions. Spells should be dedicated to things that the character will use every day and preferably every encounter. I’m not going to waste efforts doing an exhaustive review of every spell in the game, I’m just going to highlight the best spells in the game and call out a few really good spells and a few spells which I recommend avoiding. An excellent all around guide to spells is included in Treantmonks Wizards Guide and I don’t see any point in repeating his work.

Here is my general advice about spell selection, if you aren’t going to use a spell frequently it’s probably not worth knowing. There are simply too many spells which you can use all the time to waste a slot on situational spells. Get wands/ scrolls/ items to replace less frequently used spells.

All Star Spells

Spells which are so well suited to the sorcerer you should be questioning why you didn’t take these spells.

First Level

  • Grease – Useful from level 1-20.
  • Color Spray or Sleep – 1st level choice, ditch it at 4th level or 6th level (Color spray maybe a bit longer)
  • Silent Image – Very useful at any level.
Second LevelThird LevelForth Level
  • Black Tentacles This spell ends encounters… every wizard/ sorcerer should have this spell at 4th level
  • Dimension Door – Get out of anything free.
  • Summon Monster IV – Retrain your SM III (Slow might be a good call) and take this
  • Elemental Body – Check with your GM, if he allows casting while you are in an elemental body this is great for all around utility, otherwise skip it.
  • Enervation – This is a great debuff, in particular for enemy casters.

Fifth Level

  • Wall of Stone – more than just walls. Perfect for splitting your enemies in 2 or sealing off pursuit. (An close alternate is Wall of Force but don’t take both)
  • Telekinesis – Just too versatile to pass up.
That’s all for now, I’ll try and get the higher level spells up later


The biggest advantage the sorcerer has is his versatility in combat and the ability to pull any spell from his bag of tricks. By choosing spells poorly you are seriously limiting what’s in his bag of tricks. Spells which are good or even great for wizards are sometimes poor choices for sorcerers to put in their known spells and should instead be accessed via a wand/ scroll. A general rule is any spell which you are only going to use once per day or under specific circumstances should be avoided. Sorcerers should fill their spell slots with spells they are going to use almost every encounter.

Here is my list of spells which are good spells for wizards but generally not great for sorcerers to take. They are not bad spells but just not a good use of a sorcerer’s limited known spells slots. Also, keep in mind that spells Treantmonk identified as weak for wizards I don’t recommend for sorcerers either.
  • Mount (Buy a horse)
  • Mage Armor (Wand at low levels then bracers later also consider Prot from Evil)
  • Identify (wand)
  • Feather Fall (Kind of screwed here but this is just too uncommon to use a slot on)
  • Unseen Servant (Love this spell but works well from a wand too)

Second Level

  • Darkvision (Alter Self instead)
  • Resist Energy (Wand/ Scrolls)
  • Minor Image (Silent Image instead)
  • Rope Trick

Third Level

  • Phantom Steed -> This is a tough call but I’m going to give this the thumbs down with one caveat. Once the steed can fly you can replace fly with this spell.
  • Magic Weapon -> Leave the all day buffs to folks who sacrifice less to take them.
  • Shrink Item -> Great spell for wizards, too situational for sorcerers

Forth Level

  • No real stinkers here.

Fifth Level

  • Telepathic Bond -> Too situational
  • Overland Flight -> It’s a tough call but I think there are better choices out there.
That’s all for now, I’ll try and get the higher level spells up later

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