The Last Resort

The Last Resort is a large, sprawling inn and tavern. It has many rooms and areas, each with different activities. The building itself is multi-level, with some areas you step a few steps down into, others you step several steps up into. The different rooms are concealed with either hanging curtains, hanging furs, crude wooden doors, or, in special cases, concealed doors that are only used when the guest is blind-folded. The Last Resort serves food and drink to a bustling crowd in the main room and the further you get from the main room the less savory the entertainment becomes.

Owner – The “owner” is unclear. No one can say with absolute certainty who the ultimate owner is, only who the upper management are. The upper management are:

Siggy a half elf male with an unshaven face and dirty mouth. He handles the main room and ensures the common guests are attended to. He looks over the serving wenches and ensures they are on their toes. He keeps a keen eye out for troublemakers and has a pair of halfling brothers (Peck & Hunt) working the crowd ensuring non-employees are not making a living here.




Main Room

Game Room 1 – The Dark Room

The Dark Room is located at the end of a very long, narrow hallway that leads from the main room. Many boxes and kegs line the walls along this hallway as it is obviously used for temporary storage of foodstuffs. The door at the end of the hall is a simple wooden door, if you can call it that. It is more like several pieces of wood tacked or bound together and then pushed aside to let customers through. The room beyond the door is very dark. The smell of pipe and cigar smoke fills the air and the sounds of people grunting their disapproval of their current game can be heard within. Everyone within is barely more than a silhouette.

Game Room 2 – The Red Room

Game Room 3 – The Quiet Room

Game Room 4 – The Deep Room

The Deep Room is reached by being lead along the same long hall that leads to the Dark Room almost to the end, where it turns right into a small alcove ending at a heavy, reinforced wooden door. The door has a small, sliding panel in it that is opened when someone raps on the door with a unique code created new each day. When the proper code is given, the panel opens, and a pair of orcish eyes peer out. A deep guttural growl says, “Arrgh, what be the card o’the day?” The person at the door must answer the name of the card or the half orc beyond the door pulls a rope that opens a trapdoor under whomever was knocking on the door. If the correct code is given then he opens the door, lets one person in at a time, then pats the person down (who should have already forfeited any weapons by this point). If the guest is clean he is given a single dice and told to go down a very narrow and slick staircase, leading down for quite some time. The stairs eventually end at a small, tight landing, at another door. At this point a doorman asks the guest to push the dice the half orc gave him through a slot in the door. The doorman rolls the die. If it comes up the correct number then he opens the door and lets the guest in.

Game Room 5 – The Back Room

Game Room 6 – The Pit

Game room 6 is a dirty, small place, reached by navigating down a rotten wooden stair and entering a large, underground cellar. The cellar is always full of smoke, the stench of rats, dogs and dirty humans (and other races) as well. The stale smell of flat beer is almost overpowering. Gas lights illuminate the center of the cellar, a ring enclosed by wood barriers and wooden bleachers, arranged one over the other, stepwise above it nearly to the ceiling. This is the pit for dog fights, cockfights and rat killing. A hundred rats are commonly put in it, then large wagers exchanged on whose dog could kill the most rats within a minute.

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