Note: Most random encounters in a town will be generally harmless and meant more to be interesting and to add life to the settlement, however, some encounters can easily devolve into combat and excitement, such as a wily rogue attempting to earn a dishonest living at the PCs expense.

Description: The following events are applicable if the PC’s are in a town or settlement.

Recommended Frequency: One time every two hours, whenever PC’s travel more than 10 minutes, or whenever the GM desires.

Weather or Terrain Event

As always, if a particular roll does not make sense or apply in your scenario, reroll or choose a better or more interesting one.

Event Effect
01-15 Cliffs
16-30 Coldsnap
31-32 Earthquake
Flash flood
33-47 Fog bank
Forest fire
Grass fire
48-62 Heatwave
63-72 Windstorm
73-74 Hurricane
75-83 Landslide
84-98 Thunderstorm
99-00 Volcanic eruption

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