Encounter Motivations

Roll on the following table if you would like to randomly determine a motivation for the NPC or creature. Some motivations may not apply to the given encounter or creature so feel free to roll again or simply choose one that makes the most sense or seems to offer the greatest roleplaying possibilities for your group.

01-04 Attain knowledge
05-07 Attain truth
08-11 Avenge event
12-14 Avenge person
15-18 Avenge place
19-21 Conceal identity
22-25 Conquer locale
26-29 Defeat creature(s)
30-33 Destroy item or artifact
34-37 Destroy knowledge
38-41 Discover identity
42-44 Escape Place
45-47 Explore place
48-51 Find item or artifact
52-54 Find person
55-58 Find place
59-61 Hinder creature(s)
62-65 Learn fact(s)
66-69 Prevent event
70-73 Prevent truth
74-77 Repair item or artifact
78-81 Repair reputation
82-84 Rescue creature
85-88 Rescue locale
89-92 Retrieve item, artifact, or beast
93-96 Solve predicament
97-00 Solve riddle

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