Encounter Descriptions


Encounters with beggars are with one or more person(s) beseeching alms. There is a 10% chance that a beggar will be a rogue who will attempt to pick a PC’s pocket.

City guards/watch

Encounters with the city watch are with soldiers in the employ of a city who will question suspicious persons, arrest law breakers, etc.

City Official/Nobleman

Encounters city officials or nobles will typically be with some minor bureaucrat such as a tax collector, customs officer, guard or watch lieutenant, deputy bailiff, or assistant magistrate. A chance for an encounter with a major official exists, however, such as meeting a steward, alderman, justice, guard or watch captain, chamberlain, or magistrate. Major officials will have 2-8 city guards with them, as detailed above. Officials will resent unwarranted intrusion, but they will speak with persons regarding important matters. Any official will have 1-4 fighters as personal guards (d4 to determine levels).

Classed NPC

encounters consist of one or more NPC’s with character classes, ie, a wizard, barbarian, cleric, etc. See the NPC Class table below for determination.


encounters will generally be with either serfs/peasants who have no appreciable skills or abilities, laborers who are strong but less than brilliant, or common townsfolk possibly seeking directions or advice. Common townies also include laborers, dockmen, tradesmen (blacksmiths, bakers, etc).


encounters can be with brazen strumpets or haughty courtesans, thus making it difficult for the party to distinguish each encounter for what it is. In addition to the offering of the usual fare, the harlot is 30% likely to know valuable information, 15% likely to make something up in order to gain a reward, and 20% likely to be, or be working with, a thief.


encounters consist of armed men who are currently in town either between jobs or actually on a job. In either case, they will typically be fighters of 1st to 3rd level lead by a captain of 4th level for every six men. Mercenaries are often belligerent and hostile, though their attitude is determined as normal.


usually are seeking to sell goods to the PC’s but may also just be passing by. They are typically accompanied by 2-8 mercenary guards at night. Guards will be 0 level, with one leader of 1st to 4th level. 10% of merchants encountered will be abnormally rich, thus indistinguishable from an important city official or noble.Noble encounters are with a nobleman and retainers 75% of the time and with a noblewoman 25% of the time. A noble will have 1-4 guards of 1st-4th level fighting ability, 1-2 servants, and there is a 75% likelihood that a noblewoman will have a sedan chair, carriers and linkboys (at night). Noblemen can easily be mistaken for important city officials or very rich merchants; noblewomen can likewise be mistaken for a courtesan or procuress. Any insult will be taken seriously. Nobles are 50% likely to be fighters (80%) or clerics (20%) of 5th to 12th level (d8 + 4).


Encounters will consist of one or more monsters determined by rolling on the Monsters Encountered in Cities table, below.


Encounters with ruffians involve fellows of shabby appearance and mean disposition. They are typically armed with clubs and daggers, fighting as 2nd level fighters. There is a 5% chance per ruffian encountered that an assassin of 5th to 8th level (d4 + 4) will be with the group. All weapons will be concealed.


Encounters will be with a rogue of random level (party level +1d6, 1-3 is 1-3 levels below the apl, 4-6 is 1-3 levels above the apl) and with 0 to 2 apprentices of random level (party level +1d4, 1-3 is 1-3 levels below the apl, 4 is same as apl). If there is only one rogue, he or she will likely be an adventurer, stopping for a short time in the city/town. Other thieves encountered will be on guild business, or “working”, or both.

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