Divine GesturesUncontrollable RageQuick Burning RageMagical FascinationLiving FaithHot-BloodedHalf-Blood OutcastGlory-HoundFree SpiritedExhausting RageDomain DevotionCold-BloodedCity SlickerBeady Eyes




Aligned Devotion

Your healing powers are only as effective for those whose alignment closely matches yours.

Ability to spontaneously cast cure spells

Arcane Conundrum

You are unable to use your inborn magical abilities.

Gnome, Charisma 10 or more

Arcane Performer

You rely on your performance abilities to cast spells.

Ability to cast arcane spells without preparation and Perform 1 rank.

Beady Eyes

You have narrow, beady eyes that do not catch the light as well as they should.


Bestial Instinct

You prefer to meet your foes so close that you can smell their blood.

Blind Rage

You cannot distinguish between friend and foe when you are raging.

Rage Ability


You move about without careful consideration of foes.


You are rash in combat, refusing to back down from your enemies’ blows.

Chivalrous Courtesy

You despise raising your hand against those of the opposite gender.

Good or Lawful Alignment

City Slicker

You suffer from a lack of experience in the wilds.

Survival as a class skill


You are uncomfortable in enclosed spaces.

Code of Arms

You hesitate to attack unarmed opponents

Good or Lawful Alignment


You were raised in an extremely cold environment and cannot tolerate heat.


In dangerous circumstances, you are likely to run away.


You are easily distracted by the sights and sounds around you.

Divine Gestures

Your religion requires elaborate gestures that cause you difficulty when wearing armour or using a shield.

Ability to cast Divine spells

Domain Devotion

You are limited to only one of your deity’s domains.

Access to domains

Elven Pride of Arms (Pride of Arms)

You consider weapons not designed for use by the noblest of elves as an indignity.

Elven Blood (Weapon Familiarity)

Exhausting Rage

Your rage is so powerful that you become exhausted once you calm down.

Rage Ability


Your excessively light-hearted nature grates on your companions.

Bardic Music

Forlorn of Men

You are uncomfortable in the presence of humanoids.


You become fatigued when your body is assaulted by magic or poison.

Constitution 11 or lower

Free Spirited

You seek to live your life freely, unburdened by excessive material possessions.

Chaotic Alignment

Frivolous Performer

You have focused on performing rather than useful information.

Bardic Knowledge


You are uncomfortable ingesting anything but a small range of preferred foods and drinks.


You fight recklessly to prove yourself in glorious combat.

Base Attack Bonus +1

Grudge Keeper

You have difficulty letting go of grudges.


You believe what you see, and you trust others more than you should.

Half-Blood Outcast

You despise your nonhuman side.

Any race that mixed blood with a human. Half-elf, half-orc etc.


You are unable to prevent the occurrence of strange noises in your vicinity.

Ability to cast spells

Honourable Challenge

You only cross arms with those who willingly engage you.

Lawful Alignment

Honour of the Duel

You strongly believe in 1-on-1 combat to decide a fight.

Good or Lawful Alignment


You were raised in an extremely hot environment and cannot tolerate cold.


You refuse to retreat from even the most deadly of confrontations.

Base Attack Bonus +1


You have trouble achieving a full and restful sleep.

Light Sensitivity

You have difficulty seeing in bright conditions.


Living Faith

Your religious practices give you no special powers over the undead.

Ability to turn or rebuke undead


You do not have the ability to summon or gain a familiar or animal companion.

Ability to summon a familiar or animal companion.

Loss of Heritage

You lose an ability granted by your race.

Race with at least two racial abilities


You are a loud, obnoxious, boisterous and compulsive talker.

Love of Nature

You do not wish harm upon any natural creature.

Magical Fascination

You have a tendency to become fascinated by spells and elaborate

magical effects.

Magical Overload

You have difficulty controlling powerful magic, preferring lower-level spells.

Ability to cast spells

Material Devotion

You are restricted to using magical objects created with your deity’s domains in mind.

Access to domains

Metal Intolerance

You are allergic to metals.

Meticulous Performer

You get lost in your performances.

Bardic Music

Mounted Warrior

You are only comfortable fighting from a saddle.

Ride 1 rank

No Time for Book Learning

You put no faith in the written word.

Phantom Sparks

Your body emits bursts of bright coloured light.

Ability to cast spells

Ponderous Spellcaster

Your spells take additional time to cast.

Ability to cast spells

Pride of Arms

You have let your training in weapons not designed for war to atrophy.

Proficiency in Martial Weapons

Quarter Elf

Elven blood is not particularly strong in your veins and its features are barely noticeable.


Quick Burning Rage

Your rages don’t last very long.

Rage Ability

Restricted Sorcery

Your magical powers manifest within a limited realm of effects.

Ability to cast spells without preparation

Short Attention Span

You have little patience, causing you to have difficulty concentrating on repetitive tasks.

Slow Healing

You do not heal quickly.

Constitution 13 or lower

Slow to Anger

It takes you longer to get worked up.

Rage Ability

Solitary Paragon

You prefer to fight alone.

Stubby Fingers

Your fingers are not well suited for grasping.

Dwarf, Gnome or Halfling


You fear magic and avoid it when possible.

Inability to cast spells

Trivial Performer

Your performance is light-hearted and has little effect on others.

Bardic Music

Uncontrollable Rage

You have no ability to control your rage.

Rage Ability

Warrior of the


You have difficulties when fighting alone.

Weapon Bound

You are only attuned to your deity’s weapon and no other.

Devotion to a specific deity

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