Eternity’s End Campaign Setting

Source: Eternity's End (WoLT)
Source: Eternity’s End (WoLT)

This way to Eternity’s End…

Source:  Eternity's End (WoLT)
Source: Eternity’s End (WoLT)

Editor’s Note

Eternity’s End is a new kind of game on RPGCrossing that is powered by the Pathfinder Gaming System that operates as a hybrid of the dynamic story telling of Play by Post (PBP) and massive multi-player online game but without the typical pitfalls of MMOs or PBP (Linear Plots, Grinding, Game Collapse, etc.). It has a persistent static setting of an Inn that exists outside of time and space where players meet and obtain quests and then travel through dimensional doors that take them to literally any kind of world or adventure that a GM can come up with, in any kind of setting they would like to run! The game is stress tested and can functionally run in a balanced fashion and support as many players as there are GMs for the project.

Eternity’s End is both a place and a non-place, existing in multiple planes simultaneously and nowhere at all. It is a gathering place for dead races, unborn gods, forgotten heroes, restless ghosts, and the engineers of worlds as yet uncreated. Almost all the inhabitants of the Inn are travelers, either by design or by chance; by woe or good fortune. Many have simply stopped here during journeys to other places, while others came to the Inn accidentally, then realized they could not get home…

The Setting in Short:

Players and GMs that are familiar with Pathfinder Society and the Planescape Setting will find many in game parallels to both, but will also note that Eternity’s End is infinitely more expansive (for example some expansions include notes for lovecraftian horror, sci-fi/steam punk, and more) allowing for tons more character options, gaming universes, ways to play, and things to do; all for free with tons of gaming highlights!

See below for more details!

Are you new to Play by Post gaming?

Check out these helpful guides:

RPGCrossing PBP New Member Guide

New PBP Player Guide

PBP GM Guide

To post on RPGCrossing, you’ll need to create a free account.

We will take as many players as we can accommodate to our active GM ratio.

Once your account is created you will need to sign up for Eternity’s End here! (There will need to be an open slot to apply as a player). If you sign up as a GM Apprentice you will be accepted as a player immediately upon completion of your apprenticeship.

Eternity’s End Essentials:

These links will help get you started with Eternity’s End…

Eternity’s End Help Area

Welcome to Eternity’s End

Eternity’s End Tour

Eternity’s End Player’s Manual

Eternity’s End Faction Manual

Eternity’s End GM Manual

Eternity’s End Site Map

PBP GM Academy (Want to learn how to be a Game Master? We’ll teach you! GM’s get special in game rewards at Eternity’s End!)

Game Highlights Include:

Limitless Adventure Possibilities, with a friendly community (see Eternity’s End Commandments in the EE layer’s Guide), all for free (We utilize d20pfsrd for available rules exclusively! We still encourage you support publishers you enjoy.)!

Extensive Character Options to Include 3PP (See Player Tiers in the EE Player’s Manual). Don’t worry about trying to conform your character concept and design to a particular game world, at EE characters come from any world you can think up!

Game Masters can be players and players can learn to be Game Masters. You can play and run games simultaneously and earn in game rewards for doing both!

Special in-game rewards for participation (see the Player Alter and GM Altar), being a game master (see the EE GM Manual), free form writing (See the Story Teller), free form role playing (See the Pub) and more!

The game is not dependent upon the individual (either a GM or specific players) and will go on if without question if a single person leaves or takes a hiatus. You can still keep playing and running adventures!

Meet lots of players and GMs in game (learn to play alongside some of the best or teach the new guys and gals the ropes.) to expand your gaming circles!

Cheat Prevention (An ingrained audit system and sheet edit controls) and game balance is built directly into the game. The game is balanced by a council to amend rules as needed and incorporate new content as it arrives on d20pfsrd! Further, we help with cheat prevention by keeping a permanent record of all games!

Run our pre-generated adventures or create your own!

Unlockable special features in game (see the Obelisk or Power or participate in special marked adventures or events).

Balanced Custom Content and Factions.

– Casual Gaming (keep playing your character even after untimely death) and Hardcore Mode (death is final and irreversible, special rewards apply).

Special Features like the RP Pub full of interesting NPCs and bar games, The Hall of Fame, PVP/PVE Arena, Special timed events, capacity for multiple characters, respec options and even more ways to play and earn in game rewards!

Designed and Tested over the course of a year by a team of amazing contributors and GMs.

Your Feedback is Valuable and because of that we have the FAQ, the Help Area and Suggestion Box so you can assist with the continued growth of this living setting!

Joining Eternity’s End as a Player and/or GM:

As a player you will first need to post interest in this thread and then complete a character audit as described in the Front Lobby in a timely fashion during a recruiting period and you will be introduced into the setting as soon as you are cleared for legal game entrance by your auditor.

As a GM you may join as an apprentice.

I’m an experienced GM, do I have to become apprentice?:

Absolutely not, though we highly suggest it to all new GMs as there is a lot of content to cover. To bypass apprenticeship you will need to review the EE GM Manual and pass the entrance test flawlessly.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige © 2012, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Benjamin Bruck, Jason Bulmahn, Matt Goodall, and Jason Nelson.

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