Elemental Savants

Elemental savants are sorcerers native to the elemental planes.

Elemental Savants

Each elemental savant is an elemental with one or more sorcerer levels. Elemental savants use their class features to gain abilities associated with elements other than their own.

Fumerole Savants: A fumerole savant is a water elemental with sorcerer levels and the earth elemental bloodline. Fumerole savants learns spells that disturb the earth, generate heat, and produce noxious vapors. They regularly compete with pyroclastic savants.

Geyser Savants: A geyser savant is an earth elemental with sorcerer levels and the fire elemental bloodline. Geyser savants learn spells that blast heat, water, and steam. Their biggest rivals are steam savants.

Pyroclastic Savants: A pyroclastic savant is a fire elemental with sorcerer levels and the air elemental bloodline. Pyroclastic savants learn spells involving gusts of wind, clouds of ash, and falling chunks of rock. They look down on fumerole savants.

Steam Savants: A steam savant is an air elemental with sorcerer levels and the water elemental bloodline. Steam savants learn spells that churn water, produce heat, or both. They regularly seek to thwart the efforts of geyser savants.

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