Having a permit allows a person to do many things that others can’t without breaking the law.

Prerequisites: 1000 GP “donation” per permit. This is reduced to 250 GP if you also possess the Bureaucracy feat for the region or group the permit applies to.

Benefits: Can be taken multiple times for various regions and aspects. Each permit must be paid for separately.

E.g. Permit (Franner/dangerous animals) would allow you to own an animal classified as “dangerous” in the city of Franner.

Some example permit types are:

  • Being in a certain area
  • Certain activities or ventures
  • Possession of Banned or restricted Goods/items
  • Spell casting in public
  • Weapons on Display
Special: A few permits have clauses within them that allows the permit to be taken away or changed. If this does occur, then the permit may be replaced by another (for another donation, this time only 250 GP), or at the GM’s discretion, replaced by another feat.
Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fantastic Feats Volume I – Economy, Law & Paperwork © 2013, Ennead Games; Author: Christopher Kentlea

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