Obscure Legal Knowledge

Knowing about obscure laws or ruling can benefit those who activities are in a grey zone.

Prerequisites: Int 14 or Wis 14, Lore (Law)

Benefits: Knowledge of any obscure or forgotten (but still valid) laws or precedents of a certain region or race. Sometimes even knowing something like “If you are wearing a red hat, you may hold your weapon in public” can save a lot of trouble with the law.

The DC is 10 + 2d10 (1d10 if access to a library with legal books is available). The roll is made using your INT or WIS, whichever is higher. Failure simply means no obscure law can be found at this time or the law/ruling is not valid. This roll must be made each time a ruling or law is questioned. The effects of a success (or failure) are determined by the GM, but in general a positive result would give a bonus equal to the amount the DC was beaten by, but only for one valid roll, such as a legal argument, whereas a failure would result in a negative roll to the appropriate roll.

This can be taken multiple times, each focusing on a different race or region, or applying to the same region/race for a +5 bonus each time to the DC roll.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fantastic Feats Volume I – Economy, Law & Paperwork © 2013, Ennead Games; Author: Christopher Kentlea

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