Legal Rep

Legal representation is not cheap, but sometimes needed. Even if not using them, a wise person will have a legal rep on retainer.

Prerequisite: 100 GP a month for retainer

Benefit: Any legal costs (apart from the fee for the legal representative) are reduced by a quarter of the original value, but fines etc. must still be paid if they are found guilty.

Normal: Not having this feat gives you no penalty as such, but all fees and costs are at full value. If the retainer fee has not been paid for that month or one before, then the award % or 1,000 GP mentioned below is doubled.

Special: If any money is awarded, 10% goes to the representative, or 1,000 GP per case whichever is higher.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fantastic Feats Volume I – Economy, Law & Paperwork © 2013, Ennead Games; Author: Christopher Kentlea

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