Haggling is what some people believe to be the art of getting the best price you can for goods or services.


CHA 12


The character may attempt to influence the cost of an item or service in their favor. This is represented by a CHA roll vs the DC, as determined below.

Start value: 10

Addition to the DC

· 1 point for every 5% the price is sought to be haggled. So if you wish to change the price by 25%, then it increases the DC by 5

· The CHA bonus of the person you are haggling with

· +2 if haggling for a group of 3 or more

· 1 for each round spent haggling

· +6 if the merchant is not open to haggling

Subtraction to the DC

· The CHA bonus of the person haggling

· 2 if haggling for just self

· 2 if the player is a regular customer

Successful Haggle

+1 – +5 – The merchant is open to haggling more – You may haggle again if wanted

5 to 10 – they agree on the price you asked for

10+ They not only agree but are impressed by your skill and lower price by additional 10%

Failure to Haggle

0 to -5 – The merchant is willing to haggle more, but is getting harder to haggle with, you may try again if wanted.

-5 to -10 – The price is fixed and that is it.

10+ You have offended the merchant and the price has now increased by 20%. You cannot haggle again with this merchant for the rest of the day.


A bonus to the DC roll can be added at the GM’s discretion if the haggling is role-played well. Be aware that some merchants don’t like it when you haggle and may be offended.

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