Originally meant government administration managed by departments staffed with non-elected officials, but can also apply to any large organization with many departments, often complex with much paperwork and problems.


CHA 12 or INT 12


· Reduced time for paperwork or permits to be dealt with by 1d5 X 10%, rolling for each case

· Knowledge of which the is the correct department or person for a certain subject

“Look, when dealing with the Gnar King, we need to speak to the lord chamberlain first or it will take weeks to be seen…”

· +2 bonus to social interactions when dealing with those in the named bureaucracy


This feat can be taken multiple times, once for each group or region. The benefits then apply when dealing with that group. Group refers to a kingdom or other large organization or location that requires a lot of paperwork or permits

Optional Rule:

Those with this feat trying to interact with an enemy of the named group have the entire bonus turned into penalties, as they are known to be working for, or with, “Those guys…”

“Oh I see you are well known at the court of Gnar…Sadly, your permit will take 2 weeks to process now instead of 1…have a good day {fake smile}”

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fantastic Feats Volume I – Economy, Law & Paperwork © 2013, Ennead Games; Author: Christopher Kentlea

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