An accountant, or someone who manages your financial accounts, is a very useful person to have working for you, as they know how to take advantage of legal tax loop-holes to maximize profit and reduces taxes paid.

Prerequisite: None, but accountants can only be found anywhere a lore keeper or bank can be found. Mostly just in large towns or bigger.

Benefit: Any taxes you pay, such as income or business taxes, are reduced by an amount equal to (1d10 + 10) % GP. This is rolled each time the taxes are collected. Once a year they can also get 1d10 x 100 in gold back from taxes paid. You can claim at any time, but only once a year.

Special: 10% of the amount saved goes to the accountant to pay for their services. This comes out of the clients share of the money.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Fantastic Feats Volume I – Economy, Law & Paperwork © 2013, Ennead Games; Author: Christopher Kentlea

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