Plane of Corruption

Plane of Corruption

A vast wasteland filled with miles of uncharted land. There is very little variation in the plane’s climate or biome, the ground a dull light purple and the skies a dark metallic silver with a single bright red sun illuminating the landscape or at night a blue moon arises. The Plane of Corruption twists and contorts everything which comes in contact with it; torn asunder and subsequently reformed into a new, hideous form.

Those who come in contact with the Plane of Corruption must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or take 1 points of Constitution drain. For creatures without Constitution, they take 1 negative level instead (successful save negates).

This can be negated through the use of an air-tight suit; one was created specifically for exploration of the Plane of Corruption. This suit costs 3,000 gp and is a magic set of armor acting like an HEV Suit but only works to negate the effects of the plane.

The Effects of Corruption

The power exuded by the plane infects everything around it; people and animals are mutated, plants wither and die, and magic twists into a new and confusing shape.

Magic with the [corruption] tag draws strength from the energy around it giving it +1 Caster Level when cast. Magic without the corruption subtype cast upon the plane lose any damage and elemental tags (such as [fire] and [cold]) and instead acquire the [corruption] tag, and all of its damage that is not untyped deals corruption damage. It doesn’t benefit from the +1 CL if transformed in this way.


The Plane of Corruption is inhabited by Kendari primarily, a race of humans who diverged ages ago and through the help of their god grew accustomed to the plane’s environment. They know the plane as “Corta Diez”, translated as Our Home from their native language.

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