The following are skill changes in Reignited. In cases where a skill is listed use the new skill instead, for example; if a Perception check is called for, it’s instead Awareness. Awareness is also called upon if Sense Motive or Appraise is called for.

All skills are considered class skills for all classes and they gain the “class skill” bonus so long as they have at least 1 rank in the skill.


Some skill usages are now replaced by others, being lumped together under one skill. These will be listed below.

  • Craft, Perform, and Profession are consolidated into Artisan (a new skill)
  • Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, and Swim are consolidated into Acrobatics
  • Disable Device and Sleight of Hand are consolidated into Stealth
  • Disguise is consolidated into Bluff
  • Appraise, Perception, and Sense Motive are consolidated into Awareness (a new skill)

New Skills

These new skills are introduced as part of the Reignited rules.

Artisan (Int, Wis, or Cha)

Artisan can also be used similar to Appraise if the type of Artisan applies to the thing being appraised. (For example, Artisan (Jewelry) being used to appraise the value of gemstones)

Artisan uses one of your choice; Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma.

Awareness (Wis)

Awareness is a consolidated form of Appraise, Perception, and Sense Motive. Skill uses which would use these skills now use Awareness.

Awareness uses Wisdom.

Endurance (Con)

Using Endurance you push yourself past your normal limits, often involving avoiding fatigue or exhaustion. All of the options listed on the table make the character fatigued if they fail their first check against this, exhausted on a second failed check, and finally unconscious on a third and final failed check.

Endurance skill checks are meant to replace any “Constitution checks” listed in the rules. Any Constitution checks now use Endurance as a skill.

Skill Usage DC
Forced March (8+ hours of walking) 10 (+2 per additional hour)
Hold Breath (After CON rounds) 10 (+2 per additional round)
Ignore Hunger (After CON days) 10 (+2 per additional hour)
Ignore Thirst (After 8 + CON hours) 10 (+2 per additional 30 minutes)
Run (After CON rounds) 10 (+1 per additional round)
Sleep in Armor† 10 + Armor Check Penalty
Tread Water (After CON rounds) 15

† Sleep in Armor does not apply Armor Check Penalty to this check due to the DC already using the wearer’s ACP.

Failing a Sleep in Armor check leaves the character with stiff joints; they take a -2 to all physical skill checks for 1 hour after waking up.

This uses Constitution. Armor Check Penalty applies to this skill.

Feats of Strength (Str)

Feats of Strength is used for heavy lifting, pushing, and tasks that require brute force that don’t involve attacking or damage.

Skill Usage DC
Badly Injured +5
Push Light Object 10
Push Heavy Object 20
Lift Light Object 15
Lift Heavy Object 30
Lift Immense Object 45

This uses Strength. Armor Check Penalty applies to this skill.

Use Computers (Int)

Only applicable in areas where technology is available and/or prevalent. This is used for operating machinery and hacking computers. Often this is either opposed a set DC (seen below) or against an opposed check (in the case of an AI or living target opposing you).

Situational Security Modifiers

  • None: +0
  • Minimum: +5
  • Average: +10
  • Exceptional: +15
  • Maximum: +20
Skill Usage DC
Crash Computer 20
Destroy Program 25
Shut Down Electronic Trap 20
Modify Program 22
Change Password 10
Brute Force Hacking 25
Hack Password 35

This uses Intelligence.

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