Clone (Template)

Created in a lab somewhere away from society, these alchemically manufactured people are almost the same as the person or people they were cloned from, save for the fact that they have different personalities. If their creator is feeling especially creative, sometimes clones possess attachments or altercations upon their body.

Creating a Clone

Clone” is an acquired template that can be added to any corporeal creature that has an Intelligence score of 3 or higher (referred to hereafter as the base creature). A clone uses all of the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. Some of the changes here are optional, and are listed with a price next to them. If you are creating a clone, you have control over whether the ability is added in if you spend the money on it.

A clone takes the same amount of time as per the clone spell to create.

Clones cannot be cloned from another clone.

Base Price: Creating a clone requires a piece of the target (skin tissue, hair, tears, or blood) and require at least 5,000 GP of material needed.

Requirements: The following is needed when making a clone. The clone spell, and the Craft Construct feat.

Challenge Rating: +1 for every 25k GP spent for paid qualities.

Alignment: Any, though their creator normally has an influence on this.

Type: The creature’s type does not change, however they gain the augmented subtype.

Armor Class: Same as the base creature.

Hit Dice: Same as the base creature. Do not recalculate class hit dice or racial hit dice.

Defensive Abilities: All clones, when created, have a strong grasp on reality and thus have a +2 bonus on their Will Saving Throws.

Attacks: A clone retains all the natural weapons, manufactured weapon attacks, and weapon proficiencies of the base creature.

Ability Scores: As the base creature, except only count racial bonuses onto the clone. Level bonuses, belts, etc. do not apply to the clone when created.

Skills: Clones gain Disguise if it wasn’t already a class skill, and receive a +10 racial bonus to Disguise checks to convince others that they’re who they were cloned from, if specifically cloned from one person (See below).

Paid Qualities: A clone has special abilities which can be manufactured into their brains and body allowing them to stand out from the creature they were created from. These modifications can be added after the clone is made, however they take 50% longer. All bonuses listed are Enhancement Bonuses to prevent stacking with magic items which function the same way.

Traitor to your Kind

Implanted into their mind from a young age that their own kind is pure evil and must be smitten at all costs, these clones cannot be shaken from this reality, and wish death upon their own brothers and sisters. A clone gains a +4 bonus to attack and damage against creatures of their same subtype (except for other augmented).

Price: 600 GP

Ability Enhancement

The clone has better abilities than most. They gain a +1 bonus to an ability score, as per the chart the price increases depending on how much of a bonus is being granted.


Ability Score Bonus

3,000 GP


6,000 GP


13,500 GP


24,000 GP


37,500 GP


54,000 GP


Martial Training

A clone is trained to be proficient in a weapon or set of armor they aren’t normally proficient in. This can be taken multiple times, adding different armors or weapons.

Price: 600 GP


Able to move swifter than others, their heels have been genetically altered. They gain a +10 foot movement speed.

Price: 6,000 GP

Soaking Damaging

With durable adamant plates slipped under their skin, the clone is able to shrug off damage at an abnormal rate. They either have DR 5/Adamantine, DR 10/Adamantine, or DR 15/Adamantine, depending on what is spent.


Damage Reduction

5,000 GP


15,000 GP


30,000 GP



Dodging Feet

Enhancing the muscles inside of their thighs and feet, they’re able to dodge more effectively. They gain dodge AC equal to how much GP is spent.


Dodge AC

5,000 GP


20,000 GP


45,000 GP


80,000 GP


125,000 GP


Studded with Steel

Placing steel onto the skin, the clone has a chance of deflecting blows and other manners of attacks. They gain natural armor equal to how much GP is spent.


Natural Armor

2,000 GP


8,000 GP


18,000 GP


32,000 GP


50,000 GP


Careful Resemblance

Made very carefully so they could resemble the original target, the clone gains an additional +10 on their disguise check to appear as the person they’re resembled after. This cannot be taken again.

Price: 5,000 GP



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