A silver tongued street rat who managed to end up joining an old mercenary guild due to his exceptional abilities in magic and negotiations.

Titles: King of the Streets or The Silver Tongue Devil

Alignment: Neutral evil

Portfolio: Streets, thieves, scams, gangs, lies, and equality

Worshippers: Scammers, swindlers, thieves, street gangs, and brigands

Domains: Charm, trickery, liberation, community, and nobility

Favored weapon: Brass knuckles

History: Incredibly secretive from beginning to end, Jassle joined the Demon Summoner’s Guild alongside Eyef and her allies late into their journey. Although his demeanor at first put them off and was concerning, he remained a trustworthy ally to the end – as though he was a man of secrets and lies, he was either unwilling to betray his allies or simply had no desire to do so.

Prior to joining the Demon Summoner’s Guild, Jassle was an only child to an abusive mother and absent father, having suffered under her hand. As a result of this, he grew more and more bitter day by day until one day these emotions boiled over, killing his mother and escaping from his home. Those of the town who checked the next day could only find bloodstains with not even her remains being found. This action led him to a life on the streets and on his own, fending for himself at every step of the way. People and relationships were fleeting, however this livelihood would be paused momentarily as he accepted to join the Demon Summoner’s Guild as part of a long con. This backfired however due to the Demon Summoner’s Guild being not only destroyed, but Jassle being among the group who was now being hunted down.

Appearance and Emissaries: Jassle uses many different forms to appear as when returning to the mortal realm, with how he appeared as a human prior to ascension being his most common form. This form is a tall and thin human with scraggly brown hair and brown eyes, donning rough clothes full of rips and tears which have since been patched over.

His other two forms go along with a rumor, in which he’ll appear as a starving child or old man begging for alms to the poor. If one refuses to grant these forms of Jassle a donation and he knows they have money to spare, he’ll attack the person without mercy and beat them to a bloody pulp before taking all of their coin and dropping it off as alms for the poor.

The last of his emissaries is perhaps the strangest as a Quickwood with the Daikaiju template who goes by “Quicky of the Wood”. This creature claims he challenged Jassle to stuff a whole squirrel in his mouth, and being impressed with his ability to do so, decided to join him as an ally for his journey.

Worshipers & Clergy: Jassle’s nature as a deity has led him to being worshipped by many gangsters and troublemakers, his worship being strictly banned in some areas – though this never stops the underground from doing as they please.

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