A summoner from an old order of mercenaries, Eyef was a standout member who through her trials ascended to godhood along with her comrades.

Titles: The Flower of Hope

Alignment: Neutral good

Portfolio: Beauty, love, music, and community

Worshippers: Lovers, artists, maidens, and dreamers

Domains: Charm, artifice, community, good, luck, and magic

Favored weapon: Pistol

History: Being a member of the old ‘Demon Summoner’s Guild’, Eyef was talented at summoning creatures from the focii used by members of the guild – a modified gauntlet capable of sealing creatures within and unleashing them when their time is needed. Her history before joining the guild is muddied, and records don’t cover much beyond her joining the guild, however her actions while a part of the guild were constantly heroic and grandiose, befitting her upbeat style. This helped her and her allies grow closer, the group becoming tight-nit and facing off against a variety of strong foes.

In the latter half of her journey, after the Demon Summoner’s Guild fell and her and her comrades fled the guild’s destruction, they set out to stop the one who had killed many of their allies. This task saw them defeating a dark god who had slowly been accumulating power, and this act was what led her and her allies to becoming gods themselves, having proven their strength and valor.

Appearance & Emissaries: Eyef shows herself much in the same way as she was when she was a part of the Demon Summoner’s Guild; a young human woman with sky blue hair that reaches down to her waist and emerald green eyes, Eyef often appears as her 16 year old self, however it is believed she could appear as an older or younger emissary of herself if she wanted. Her attire is a darker blue jacket that is a bit too large for her, and a black shirt underneath. On her right hand, the summoning focii she used as part of the guild still shines with a cyan hue.

Worshipers & Clergy: Eyef inspired many young women from her nation and beyond as her actions made many believe they too could go from a mere mortal to ascending to greatness within such a short time. This has led to some women in certain regions becoming adventurers or mages, wishing to study and practice the arcane or hone their skills out on the battlefield.

Her tale, although it doesn’t contain any romance, is often embellished to include as such with those retelling her story including a lover or several for which she must choose to be with or must save as part of her journey. Some of Eyef’s clergy dislike this interpretation of her events as there’s no basis for it in history, although Eyef herself even now will refuse to confirm nor deny it, wishing to keep the mystery alive – taking a certain amount of joy from seeing people inspired by the love stories including her, whether or not they’re real or fiction.

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